Onewheel Plus Hill Climbing Ability

  • Hello!

    So I've heard from various discussions that the Onewheel Plus is about 20% better in all ways, including hill climbing ability. Could someone who has already received the plus expand on this? How much different is 20% when climbing a hill?


  • @erikbsteele the + is like having a turbo- gives you more of a boost, more power and it's really smooth. So just more capable going up hills and can climb faster. Betting the Original can make it up most of the same hills as the +, if not all of the same hills, just requires more effort to get what you need out of the board.

  • @groovyruvy Thanks man! Really helps :)

  • On the side of my house I have a fairly decent grass slope. Never once made it to the top on V1 in over 30 attempts. First time on plus, made it up no trouble, like butter. No whine, no wheel spin. It's a significant upgrade. The difference between these two machines is worth far more than $200 to me. I'm not sure which one is priced appropriately but they aren't in the same league. I still have 2 V1s so I have no bias.

  • @mikemac227 I stared at the screen too long just now appreciating those words. My apartment complex has a grass like berm I can't seem to get on top with my V1 so I'm pretty excited about the possibility.


  • I'm really considering buying the V2 in late July/August..
    Do you think the V2 can handle a BMX track? There's a professional BMX track in my town and I never could make a complete lap with the v1.. I always stuck up in the third slope.. it's a 5 feet high aclive with 70-80 degrees inclination..
    I think a 20℅ power boost is what I need

  • Unless I'm missing something, 70 degree incline is almost vertical... I don't care what kind of motor you have in a onewheel, it's either gonna "nosedive" into the incline, or you'll fall off backwards, a victim of gravity.

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