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  • Re: Onewheel and kitesurfing/hydrofoiling
    I like the comparison between kitesurfing and OneWheeling.

    I'd also be interested in comparing wake boarding and OneWheeling.

    I have been OneWheeling for over a year now (1300 miles) but had not previously engaged in any board (water) sport before -- I got into OW through unicycling...

    In terms of using the center of gravity, I had seen similarities between OW-ing and wake boarding. Just last week I tried wake boarding for the first time, out of the blue. And it's not like I just was "riding the waves" right away.

    Anything to share by wakeboarders? Would you agree that wakeboarder have an easier time learning the OW, than that OW-ers can pick up wake boarding? My first impression was that OW-ing relies more exclusively on moving your center of gravity. Wake boarding requires more effort from your upper body, and hence the movement of your center of gravity is less subtle..?
    I know @jeffmccosker is proficient at both OW and wake boarding.

  • @SaturnOne my wakeboard buddies that step on my OW for he first time straight rip right off the bat! I think it's mostly being comfortable riding board sideways no matter the type of board.

  • @SaturnOne Wakeboarding definitely requires more upper body strength since you hold onto the tow rope with your hands. For me it took about the same time to learn as a OW. Although I got out of the water my first pull on a wakeboard, it took me about 6 or 7 days on the water to really start to get comfortable maneuvering the board and starting to get a little air jumping.

  • Make sure you keep a straight strong engaged back when getting up. Same goes for riding, don't let the rope pull you off your center.

  • I suspect onewheel would be more akin to skateboarding with a second cousin as snowboarding (the reason I would have to knock snowboarding back is that if you do a side scrub (heelside or toe) on the OW, I suspect you'd eat it hard. Wakeboarding only shares the concept of heelside/toeside, but the main difference between wakeboarding and snow is the stance... with wake you lean back against the rope, with snow you lean forward/neutral (you want the weight over your lead foot instead of your trailing one, as the control end of the board is shifted).

    I thought being a wakeboarder would instantly make me a decent snowboarder, but I was dead wrong. The stance shift threw me for a bit! Either way, I'm stoked and expect to rip on the OW right off the bat - between all the board sports AND the fact that for years I had an Endo Board (balance trainer)... I'm HOPING it's an easy transition :)

  • I would say it's a lot more in line with wake surfing...lean forward to accelerate, push down on your back foot to brake...carving is very similar too

  • @CBR-954rr wake surfing for sure, I usually ride in elevated mode to keep things similar so it's easier to switch from wake surf to one wheel.

    The learning curve is quicker if you have any type of board skills, skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing. The control motions are different, but having good balance and leg muscles control make all the difference..

  • Still waiting on my + to form an opinion, but I see a lot of people compare OW to snowboarding on here, and my snowboarding experience got me up and going on a wakeboard almost instantly. I'd guess that the biggest difference is getting up on the wakeboard from the water in the first place.

  • @ZeeMox you'll be fine, if you have any decent snowboarding skills you'll be able to jump on and go. Just need to practice the dismount. I took it to my snowboarding meetup group and they had no issues picking it up

  • We do a bit of wakeboard winching down here in NZ. I'm thinking of using the onewheels to pull us on our next edit. What do you think? Heres our first edit that we did using our winch https://youtu.be/L8dRBcpEnO8

  • @dktedits that was awesome! It looks beautiful there.

  • @dktedits that's sweet! I really like the winch on wheels rolling down the trail. very cool

  • So I wakeboard quite a bit, it is fun but to me, it's pretty different that OW-ing the feeling of being pulled by a rope is different, I do tons of board sports(Snowboard, Wakeboard, Wakesurf, and Skateboard) but I can say the 2 closest to being on the OW are wake surfing once you learn to throw the rope and the wave is pulling you along, snowboarding is very similar especially powder snowboarding and from what I've heard the OW + should be more similar to the feeling of powder snowboarding, overall I think that board sports, in general, helped me learn to ride the OW. Also, a big part of being comfortable with the board, in the beginning, was that I have a balance board I never sit and watch tv anymore I'm on that thing learning new tricks and just balancing, As a result of doing that (I haven't counted how long) I can balance on the OW when its off or disengaged for a while, like enough that if I'm going up a hill and I'm balancing on it while it's off it will start to roll down... But anyways board sports in general should help riding on the OW and the other way around as well. We haven't had the OW while we have been on the water( that should change next week) so we will see how my riding on the water improves this season, keep riding, I think that if the question you're implying is if you should try wakeboarding I say yes you should and you should also try wake surfing and if not wake surfing snowboarding!

  • @OffRoadOW Thanks a zillion for your elaborate reaction! Very insightful. Yes, I also have been practicing on a balance board, which I love, particularly the one with the more "oval cilinder" (not the regular one). I will be on the lookout for other board opportunities with your suggestions in mind!

  • @OffRoadOW Definitely agree re: the balance board... that's prob the single reason I'm not worried about learning the OW (the + will be my first) - I used to do the same as you... only watched TV on the board, could balance indefinitely (until you really started pushing the limits/playing), etc. The geometry on this is nearly a perfect fit to that!

    That said, powder [snow] boarding is exactly the sensation I'm chasing and so eager to have (year round), so I'm stoked the OW gets described as such! :D

  • @kevinrwhitley If you keep at it I think you would be great on the OW, some of the tricks I can do on the balance board translate to the OW as well. Powder Is so much like the OW, and since your getting the plus you will start out with hopefully a even better feeling of powder than the V1

  • @SaturnOne The balance board with the oval is relly fun as well, we have one called the
    Vew-do zippy balance board its great for heelside and toeside turns and just having fun. I have fun on both our boards. I think it has made me alot better at learning the onweheel,

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