Onewheel shooting off after dismount

  • I'm sure this is already a topic, but can't seem to find it. Anyways, after installing new footpads yesterday, when I jump off my board it shoots off uncontrollably until it smashes into something. Anyone come across this same problem? Thanks.

  • @golfer17 no bueno. Suggest unscrewing the footpads and making double sure the connecting adapter is seated properly on the mount. Board should definitely stop after dismount, if not then you may need new footpads.

  • I've read somewhere that there is a 'break-in' period sometimes with new pads. Maybe sit down with the board in front of you, turned off and just mash your feet around to work out air bubbles and stuff that could be causing the issue.

  • The only way for a board to shoot out from is if you jump off your board. Try getting off the onewheel with the heel lift method or the pivot your toes off the sensor method. This will turn off the board and fall with the tail down. This will ensure that the board cannot turn on again unless it becomes level somehow. Ever since I use these methods, my board has never gotten away from me.

  • @enjoi408 I do the heel method roughly half of the time but since I got the new footpads, even that doesn't work. I took my heel off the footpad but the board didn't disengage. It shot forward and threw me off the back, luckily landing on my feet.

  • You can also try scooting your foot all the way to the front by pivoting you toes to the front then pivoting your heel to the front like tick tacking. This will ensure that both sensors are disengaged. If you continue to experience issues having the board turn off at this point, you can safely assume the footpad sensors are faulty.

  • Happened to me last summer--Onewheel committed suicide on a high truck curb at a truck stop this summer. Was acting weird much of the weekend, riding in dust, and gravel in flip flops. No Bueno. But it killed itself on blacktop. Just wouldn't disengage, I leaned too far back and just jumped off, board uprighted itself and shot off at top speed. Cracked the front foot pad, battery housing, screw mount, etc. FM fixed it, but not for free.

  • @golfer17 that's an indication there's something wrong with the footpad sensor. Try playing with it like @Snurfer suggested and maybe try my recommendation of checking the connecting mount under the footpad. If still having issues, you likely need a new footpad.

  • Peel your grip tape and look at the sensor. Its sounds like the grip tape is keeping contact with the sensor making the board think that you are on it when you aren't. Also, go through my older posts and read "My sensor mod". I have had zero issues after that mod.

  • @shattle said in Onewheel shooting off after dismount:

    FM fixed it, but not for free.

    Was it under warranty? Did they charge you full price?

  • It was under warranty but yeah, they charged me full price. Couldn't "duplicate" the error. No shit--the board wouldn't even turn on--it was smashed. Truly smashed. Oh well--expensive toys equal expensive repairs.

  • @golfer17 any progress on this? I might be experiencing the same issues on my +.

    I will disassemble and check connection once again, as well as stomp it out haha as someone recommended

  • @braswell Emailed FM, have to send my footpads back. They said that if they determine that they are faulty they will send me new ones. In the meantime, I am just using my old ones

  • Same thing happened to me at the park a couple of days ago. I was in elevated mode, jumped off and the board took off without me at full speed and smashed into a park bbq. Front foot pad is smashed good but it still rides well.

  • @golfer17 Had it happen to me. I was riding in cold weather when it occurred. I looked at the app and it had a 'hot and cold' fault. I luckily got video of the event and opened a ticket with FM. They sent me a new set of pads that work fine.

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