The Troops are Getting Restless (an email with FM)

  • Do you have any objections to me posting this conversation on the forums--without your name of course?

    Are there any plans to have a customer service rep or anyone else have a bit more engagement on the forums? I think that would be hugely beneficial for the champions of this product/community to feel like they aren't on an island.


    Hi Eric,

    If you believe posting the response on the forum would be helpful, I see no issue. We are hoping to have more hands on deck in the next few weeks (making a few hires to expand our team) and will hopefully be able to jump into forum conversations on a regular basis.

    All the best,
    Future Motion Support

  • @OriginalEric Wow could they be any less helpful?!

    So apparently founding members have gone from February to February / Early March to by the end of the Month.

    "We update individuals via a confirmation email with their tracking number once their order has been released for shipment from fullfillment." Is this a joke? So the 20 - 50 people who ordered in the first few minutes have received updates about their boards(and have actually received their boards). What about the rest of us whose $1500 you have that ordered a board from you with the stated estimated shipping date of February, are we not deserving of some sort of update? Future Motion seems to think that the fact that I ordered my board a couple hours of being available (rather than minutes) that I am not deserving of some basic simple communication.

    I do not know about everyone else in my situation on these forums, but I find these answers insulting.

    Future Motion, we are not asking for much, just some simple plain English communication. A one sentence email could get the job done. "Despite our best efforts, we have been forced to amend the original estimated shipping schedule which has now been pushed back 2 months." (This is not true but just used as an example)

  • @goodblake-eskate I certainly do not find their answers insulting, and thanks to @OriginalEric for posting this conversation.

  • FM just needs to start handing out onewheels like

    alt text

  • This post is deleted!

  • Same vague FM responses they were pumping out in 2015 when buyers were waiting nearly 15 weeks for their boards and website always stated 4-6 weeks. If you were to buy a + today I highly doubt you would get it in April.

  • I wouldn't call the replies "insulting" but they certainly ARE vague... disappointingly so. That said, I saw no reason to lash out at the customer support person as they are clearly acting as advised by management.

    I'll continue to hold my breathe, because there isn't really another option. Like @MichaelW, I'd rather just know the painful truth and be able to have realistic expectations, but as with many things in life, this is out of my control.

    As important as customer service is, the product is awesome enough to endure the heartache. If that's not the case for some of you... especially those with order numbers before mine, please do show them who is boss and cancel your order(s). =)

  • If they gave the realistic dates, they might even sell some more V1's in the meantime to the impatient people that don't want to wait half a year to get a board.

  • @OriginalEric , mmm This is the same response I got to the same Question about a year ago!

  • (re Presence on the Forum)

  • @OriginalEric @e-ball Perhaps "insulting" is a little harsh. However, when many customers are asking for them to provide some sort of simple communication as when we may expect our boards since this has clearly changed from what they have told us, and they respond to @OriginalEric suggestions with 'sure, we will update individuals with a shipping confirmation once they ship.' I find this response aggravating (perhaps this is a better adjective to describe how i feel). Also the first response is essentially saying the same thing at the end. By "we would be more than happy to update your order ship date once we receive more information from our fulfillment center," I take that is once our fulfillment center provides us with shipping confirmation for your order then we will update you with this information. However between now and until that shipping confirmation comes out everyone is just SOL (in the dark as to what happened with their $1500).

  • @goodblake-eskate What's up man! You replied to my GIF on Reddit :p We're stoked to have you part of the community!! Just know that the salt that has come from this shipping date debacle will all melt away with a few weeks of riding. I'm with @braswell ... everyone just needs to calm down and know that they will, in time, get their board and it will be rad! Hang in there!

  • @slydogstroh hey buddy thanks for the message! Honestly I really am not as salty / mad as I probably seem based by my barrage of negative posts about Future Motion. I probably should just submit my opinion that they could do a better job communicating with their customers and do a better job managing expectations to a suggestion box and move on. However, I guess that doesn't help pass the time as much. :) I hope these suggestions are being heard by them as I want them to be widely successful company for many years to come. Eventually their product will be a commodity and they won't be able to survive unless they provide a better customer experience.

  • Stop crying. You got your answer. Just wait to buy the damn thing form the store. Not a big deal to have one the day it comes out. You sound like a stupid spoiled brat . 🙄

  • As someone who has worked in forum management, I would say

    1. People need to chill the fuck-off of FM. For fucks sake, they aren't some large corporation with thousands of support staff. Flaming them for "vague answers" doesn't help.

    2. Learn to be patient with small companies. Especially small companies who make REAL products. Especially AMERICAN small companies making REAL products.

    3. This isn't fucking fast food people. I would rather have SAFE and STABLE OneWheels being shipped on the market, instead of whiney-ass teenagers/millenials bitching about small companies making RUSHED products that are dangerous instead of taking the time to get it right.

    4. Stop treating the OneWheel pipeline like a goddamn fast-food chain. Small businesses make mistakes. They are SWAMPED by thousands and thousands of people. It doesn't help if their own forums are SWAMPED with negativity for their operations.


    Rant-off. But really guys, it's no good to keep bitching at such a small company.

  • Preach!!! @RogueStar

  • @BallewBoard you're a public high school teacher? I blame you for all these fucking morons in America.

    I fail you. You don't even deserve a grade >:3


  • @RogueStar said:

    who has worked in forum management

    Wonder why you don't have that job anymore... hehe ;)

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