The Troops are Getting Restless (an email with FM)

  • Sorry I shouldn't have sounded so self righteous in the above post. I haven't ordered a + so I don't know how it feels to be waiting for one. I plan to purchase one from my local retailer SRS when they arrive. I have 3 OG onewheels and have had to send each of them back for warranty repairs multiple times. One of them I've sent back 5 times. The wheel is a great teacher. When you are on top of it you feel like you are on top of the world and the gods are smiling down on you. When it's down for repairs or you are waiting for it to arrive you have to take life a little slower and focus on other things and exercise patience. Its one of the most important virtues. I'm totally obsessed with the OW but sometimes I wonder how healthy that is. Or just question the human tendency towards obsession. Just my observations and I apologize for the previous judgements I made about consumers.

  • You have people paying massive dollar for Tesla and they wait. Then you have this shameless company: 0_1489162924394_Phaz.png

    Note: That estimate has been updated several times, and as of today, they are not even 50% done.

    My point: I am happy/cool with FM that the delay is only a few weeks due to logistic.

  • @ashewheeler maybe you should send your "hover board" to someone in Aleppo. Did this thread seriously devolve into customers not deserving proper communication from a company because theres madness on the other side of the globe? Rad.

  • @SC720 Yes it has devolved. I apologize I should have resisted commenting and you are right my comments aren't even relevant to the original discussion. It's just difficult to watch this second wave of customers doubting and even angry with the very people who are working so hard to give them the extraordinary​ opportunity to own a OW. This happened when V1 went public and everyone shut the fuck up as soon as they got their wheel. FM is learning alot about bringing cutting edge badassery to market and also making sure everyone is safe in the process. It just seems symptomatic of people in the west most spoiled by capitalism to have such doubt and ill will towards a company with such golden intensions and in time such Platinum follow through. I agree that communication is extremely important to running a successful company but I also manufacture stuff and realize there are always real world setbacks. I think we assume FM has inexhaustible resources to dip into to bring this magic to us and the reality is this + release probably took everything they could muster to pull off. It is a small company of around 14 people giving 200% every day to bring the planet a whole new revolutionary boardsport, technology, culture and all. I think they are doing an incredible, and I mean "truly incredible" job! I'm deeply thankful for all that goes into giving us our childhood fantasy of surfing around almost any surface intuitively as if in a dream.➖🌎➖ And yes the people of Syria definitely deserve all my OWs. That's a great humanitarian idea. Maybe they could dodge the barrel bombs falling out of the sky.

  • Founder != Entitlement

  • @ashewheeler it's preposterous that you'd even bring Aleppo up in a conversation relating to customer service... and turn this into one of those "your privilege is showing" themed rants... absurd!

    The very crux of the angst on this forum/topic is related to communication... not even the delay itself, but simple, inexpensive communication. A member of this forum even drafted an email template to be used by FM which would alleviate (I'm guessing) 75-80% of the negativity related to the OW+ release.

    It's time to separate the quality of the product itself from the customer service/communication piece of the equation. Yes, FM made an amazing product and should be applauded for it. It is possible for a company to have both an amazing product, and questionable business/customer service practices. It's possible for consumers to love the product and be frustrated with the customer service.

  • @OriginalEric I was just using the comparison of realities to hopefully put things in perspective for people getting impatient. Admittedly maybe not the most tasteful use of imagery. I agree with you guys about customer service but again there are 14 people handling all of FMs issues, many of which we don't even understand. I think the + rollout was all about getting as much financial support up front so that the company wasn't sitting on valuable cash flow in the form of unsold inventory. I guess what I'm saying is they are undoubtedly overwhelmed while trying to maintain the public's attention span and desire to have their hand held while struggling with the physics of manufacturing and meeting shipping deadlines. I seriously doubt anybody complaining here could do any better. And my point that the western appetite and model for consumption and entitlement is simply not sustainable still stands. We have outgrown our pants in this respect. Not only are working people unable to keep up with the unchecked malignant "I want it and I want it now", but the planet may soon buckle under the pressure of our greed. Then the biology and ecosystem we all take for granted will get cursed for inconveniently disrupting our egocentric fantasies.

  • @ashewheeler honestly man shut the fuck up. Trying to say people who paid 1500 are not allowed to be annoyed because of shitty situations going on in another country is bullshit and messed up. Keep comments like that to yourself/you should probably delete it.

  • @ashewheeler and when people forked over 1500 they are entitled to whatever the fuck they want. If my business did this shit I would be sleeping on the streets within a month so don't start saying we probably couldn't do better if you don't know what you are talking about and probably have never run a successful business yourself. If you have read the small amount of complaints it simply comes down to lack of communication which is a simple problem to fix. No one is trying to burn FM to the ground they just want transparency which they are "entitled" to so get out of here with that shit.

  • @ashewheeler way to go to the extremes. You and everyone else preaching patience are completely missing the point. Not one of the post that I have seen from those complaining about customer service have ever mentioned they are pissed that they don't have their boards right now. They are pissed because FM is not communicating the delays. They just keep sending BS generic replies. You are making a lot of assumptions about both FM and the community here in the forums. Apparently you must know what each of us do for a living and about our work ethics? Assuming no one here is capable of communicating better than FM. I guess you work for them? Is that how you know how hard they are working and what troubles they are going through. The majority of us are actually understanding, we just want simple communication. If you're okay with giving a company 1500 or even more for those outside the US and just letting a company do whatever they want, more power to you. For me, I prefer to be kept up to speed when there are obvious delays, not constantly telling me you are shipping everyday when you clearly are not.

  • @ahxe45 No I won't shut up or delete anything. The idea that what happens on the other side of the globe isn't interconnected with the bad attitudes and entitlement found so readily here in America is total bullshit. The whole reason things suck everywhere is because of selfishness. I'm just saying this kind of complaining is fundamentally selfish. We are all one people trying to make things the best we can here. That takes cooperation, positive attitudes, empathy, compassion, understanding, consideration, and yes constructive criticism. I will never apologize for recommending those things to my fellow man. I do agree with you guys that FM needs to double down on customer service but maybe they are truly doing the best they can given the resources available. The customer is not always right especially if they are a dick.

  • Holy cow. @ashewheeler I get what you're trying to say but I think philosophical rants like that can be seen as inflammatory on a forum thread such as this one... I'd still like to chime in and add that OW being an electric personal transportation device is overall impacting positively our global community by reducing the emission of harmful emissions. Using a OW for your commute instead of a gas-powered car isn't just funner, it's also ecological! As such, I think everyone here deserves some accolades for choosing a product that will help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

    @ahxe45 he's already apologized profusely so don't be so harsh! Freedom of speech goes both ways and he is allowed to his opinion! That being said I do wish OW would be more transparent with their manufacturing process. But as others have said, I'd rather have a solid product than one that was rushed out. So with that in mind, I'd invite you all to participate in our guessing game!

  • @ashewheeler dude what are you even talking about. What don't you understand about giving a company $1500 and them not keeping people in the loop with updates. What is wrong with that and how is that having a bad attitude or being selfish???? Please break it down for me because I am really curious. I would love for you to spend 2 seconds at my business and try to explain to a customer that they need to have a positive attitude, compassion, empathy and understanding when I failed to deliver their kitchen countertops when promised after they paid a 100% deposit.

  • @ashewheeler The worst kind of people IMO are those who likes to complain but does nothing about it. We can all acknowledge shit is terrible around the world but does talking in a Company forum will help the cause? If your morale compass is so much better than all of us, then go sell all your belongings and donate it to people in Syria and Africa.

  • @bazzingapunk Couldn't have said it better myself. It's even worse because he probably just watched the Netflix documentary about Aleppo which he found out about because of the Oscars and now thinks he is better than everyone else because he is so proactive.

  • @SeattleCommuter

    I agree about the eco friendly commute.
    OW is strictly fun gadget to me.

    For commute and most errands, I use my etwow e scooter.
    Cut my car trips in more than half.
    I surprised not a lot more people use it here in traffic nightmare NYC.

  • @ahxe45 how funny I make custom kitchen cabinets for the elites like Tom Oreck of Oreck Vacuums. It is always a huge task balancing what is desired and designed versus what our small shop is capable of producing within given deadlines. More than once I've worked for 3 to 4 days at a time without any sleep to fit within the schedules of contractors and homeowners so I'm actually very aware of workplace pressures. I am a little bitter from my work experience and the many times thankless job of being an American manufacturer and am feeling protective of FM for how much happiness they have given back to me in my late 30s. I'm super sorry they aren't communicating enough for you guys and I understand your frustrations. It was a poor decision for me to try and shore up faith in them in the ways that I did. I just watched a documentary called the "White Helmets" about rescue workers in Allepo and I let my feelings bleed over into this thread. It was a very poor decision but I hope it helps some of you think about what is important.

  • It's worth taking into consideration that many companies have a "system" and stick to it.
    FM has 2 people who handle customer inquiry via email support.
    The thing about getting involved in public forums, they answer 1 question and get 10 follow-up questions. Try keeping up with that.
    My gut feeling tells me they're focusing on what's important and getting those boards rolling. It's mere 10 days past the promise date.

  • Chill pill anybody??
    the weekend is here!!!more time to ride!;)

    FM is cool
    OW is cool
    Ashewheeler is cool (best OW MODér here ;)
    discussions are cool
    moderation is cool ;)
    don't forget all forum peopple are fans of the product and long term deal/ OWeffect! ;)

  • @timvdp care to lend me your board for the weekend?

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