Can we NOT turn this forum into your personal punching-bag for hating on Future Motion?

  • @braswell I think you might have just wandered into a knife fight with a poodle. Maybe you were shooting to post in the modifications thread?

  • @sidebox haha I'm just here passing the time till the new app is released :)

  • @braswell working on some new stuff my dude. Gotta be patient though, this damn day job is really cutting into my OW time!

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  • Not offense but this thread is useless...
    Hate draws the hate...
    Stop talking guys, I have a tip for your waiting game:
    A pinch of MrMccosker,slydogsthro & fabuz's video three times a day,morning, noon and night...and when you're trolling like my friend @braswell , add some youporn content video to relieve your urges !
    It works! I swear!

  • @RogueStar All kiding aside bro, there's a ton of amazing guys here: @thegreck @MichaelW @jeffmccosker @slydogstroh @sidebox @njcustom @braswell , YOU and more!
    So forget the bad and enjoy the community!
    See ya!

  • I will bitch about OneWheels
    I will bitch about cold
    I will bitch about sunshine
    and about growing old

    I will bitch about everything,
    inside and out
    You will find there is nothing
    I can't bitch about.

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  • Agree 100%

  • @RogueStar this feels like bait but I'll sound off anyway. Don't try to take my bitch, dude. If the complaints are legitimate, who are you to put a cap on it. It's the same frustration FM feels but they need to hear it. And when they're not very transparent or even prompt when addressing an invested customer's concerns, the people need a place to vent. It should be on you to tune out. This isn't YOUR forum.

  • I agree with him... I'm tired all the complaining .... shut up an wait! Where all in it together ... I waited for the first board for six months ill wait two months Easy... onewheel is fucking sick!

  • @dcosmos Agreed, no one held a gun to FM's head while shoving $1,500 in their pocket demanding a February ship date. I know I didn't force them to attend CES promoting the Shit out of a new board they clearly had no fucking clue how to scale up in their production. But since they are "new" and "cool" let's give them a pass on this stuff...what's the excuse for not ATLEAST sending the fenders for founding members immediately? NONE, other than they are cash strapped and can't afford to pay attention! Although I'm sure some fanboy is going to find a reason to defend their piss poor business practices so think of it this way- assuming you're employed- your boss comes to you and says, "you've done a great job, and your work is top notch" now about your bonus...we should get that to you in a few months or so...a few months goes by and this is now a moving target. You get the point. I didn't finance my board. I paid in full, and they knew the day the preorder started they would fall short. Yes, they sent out a few boards in February so they could take a victory lap...but crickets since then. If you don't want people bitching on this forum I suggest you contact FM and ask them to stop overpromising and underdelivering!

  • It is not like we are asking for much. Just a little communication. I understand they are a small company so I took the 5 mins to draft an email that would provide information so know what happened to our $1500.

    Dear Valued Future Motion Customer,

    First of all, thank you so much for buying a Onewheel which we have poured our heart in soul into these last 4 years. Whether this is your first experience with Onewheel or if you upgrading an original Onewheel, we are confident you will absolutely love the Onewheel +. Let me say that again, Thank You!
    However, due to some unforeseen production issues and to the incredibly high demand (THANK YOU) we are having to modify our original estimated shipping time frames. Please see the new estimated shipping time frames below for Onewheel + shipments.

    Orders 7050 - 7100 - Shipped Feb. 29
    Orders 7100 - 7200 - Expect to ship the week of March 6
    Orders 7200 - 7300 - Expect to ship the week of March 13
    Orders 7300 - 7400 - Expect to ship the week of March 20
    Orders 7500 - 7600 - Expect to ship the week of March 27

    Orders 7600 - 8000 - We hope to get out in April - We will provide another revised schedule toward the end of March.

    Please note these estimated time frames are just that estimates. Everyone at Future Motion is working as hard as they can to get these Onewheel + out the door. We are going to do our best to be ahead of this schedule, but if for some reason we fall behind, we will provide you with a similar update.

    Thank You,

    Everyone at Future Motion


  • Guys give them a break..They had these issues the first go around with v1. Its not like you can learn from mistakes easily. (Insert comment about FM being new company even though they're not) or (comment give them a break cuz the one wheel is cool and you're mean)


  • I love how it's gotten negative votes. What a Whinney little bitch! You are not a chill person spitting that nonsense out. Get off the forum if you don't wanna hear it. lmfao

  • @MichaelW said in Can we NOT turn this forum into your personal punching-bag for hating on Future Motion?:

    I will bitch about OneWheels
    I will bitch about cold
    I will bitch about sunshine
    and about growing old

    I will bitch about everything,
    inside and out
    You will find there is nothing
    I can't bitch about.

    0_1489047524893_Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 12.17.38 AM.png

    That's funny as shit. I don't care which side (if any) you are on the subject. Thanks for the LULZ!

  • @Wrex fucking phenomenal comment. I read this book to my daughter last night. I wonder how many Truffula trees it takes to make 1 board. I that's the case, I've also figured out why they are struggling to produce...

  • This community has been one of the most positive places I can think of. Of coarse I can say that because I've been a part of it for two years now. I wouldn't be posting so much if I didn't think so. Yes, its been a bit of a bitch fest lately (In the last month) but frankly I don't care that much because I see how positive it was before that and still is for the most part. 95% of what is posted here seems to be insightful and in good fun. If you don't like the bitchy talk you don't have to click on those obvious venting topics (Any post with the word delivery in it!). I am willing to wait on the boards and at the same time I can see how people could be frustrated with not getting clear communication from OW. Bottom line: find the humor where you can and this will all blow over soon enough...

  • @RogueStar You are very diplomatic, have you thought about entering politics?

  • I've watched some of the biggest complainers become some of the biggest ow fanboys both on this forum and the FB groups.

    I think the wait is just really hard when it's your first ow and fm is anything but honest about ship times which seems really messed up when you want it so bad.

    FM is an awesome company because they make ow and care about putting out a quality product that is like nothing else. Their only flaw is that they lie about eta and obviously don't care that it makes them look bad since they know better by now. I've suggested to them that honesty is the best policy and to just give realistic eta dates. Even though people would be disappointed, they would wait and respect the honesty rather than getting blamed for dishonesty. They obviously must think that honesty would hurt their sales too much which is the only reason I can think they promote their goal eta rather than what is realistic.

    Thankfully for fm, the gamble works out. Disgruntled buyers eventually get their board and realize it's one of the best purchases of their lives and everyone lives happy ever after.

    I'm patiently waiting for my plus but having ridden v1 countless hours and dealing with freezing weather is making my wait less burdensome.

    I'm predicting plus backorders will not be fully fulfilled until the end of summer at the earliest. That isn't to say everyone that has already ordered won't get theirs before then but people are still ordering now and the eta of new orders keeps backing farther and farther out unless they kick production into a new gear. Good luck!

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