Surestance Pad separating from board after failed dismount.

  • Welp... getting off V2 is definitely trickier, I've had my v1 dismounts down for forever now. However with v2 I thought I found my groove with the toe raise and heel rotate, but the board decided to jet off directly into a cement block. The impact not only scraped up my rails faster than I would have liked but then pushed the pad back and lifted it up slightly. I can see the screw has pierced through the wood a bit. Have to wait till I'm home to unscrew and see if the screw is bent at all or needs to be replaced.0_1489083073153_IMG_9653.jpg

  • @braswell holly shit! Are you rolling when you do your movement?

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  • @fabuz nope in a steady, ready to dismount position. I didn't even fall after it slipped under me I just tripped up slightly. The board accelerated really fast though (some would say... 20% faster ;) ) directly into the cement block next to me... which was 1 foot away

  • mAd !!!! I will not talk about FM now ;)
    Take care of your baby
    Good courage!

  • Forgot I had a hex set in my backpack... took off the pad and sure enough the impact fucked the screws and holdings up. Kinda surprised by this, it wasn't THAT crazy of a spin off... my v1 has been through much worse. Was it just the angle of the impact?

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    I'm gunna contact them and see if I can buy a new front pad and screws.

  • Dang hard hit!

  • @braswell Damn that sucks... I am sorry to see that. Hopefully they will take care of this for you.

  • @braswell Did you by chance check the screws when you unboxed? My last V1 was VERY loose, to the point I could feel the slop immediately and tightened them up. That seems like the only logical explanation because like you mentioned, my V1 has hammered some concrete and never did this???

  • @bdech15 I didn't check before unfortunately. This kinda damage seems off, unless he new wood they use is super soft?

  • @braswell supposedly the new plus footpads are made of hardwood?

  • I'm not a woodworker, but the top slab of wood is hardwood. Can't say about the bottom layers though.

  • I think it also has to do with the new design...since now the 2 end screws don't go all the way throught the pad but have pockets IN the pad...before it was making a stronger (sandwich) connection with the bumper same as the other 2 there is a difference resulting in a different stress point...mainly the 2 ankered back screws in a thinner piece of wood than the end part...
    I'm thinking!?!? ;)

    A while ago in another post
    T timvdp 2 months ago @badcheese
    @badcheese said in OW+ Dismount:

    I don't understand why people think it's difficult to dismount. When I get to my destination, I just crash. I run it into a concrete wall so the board doesn't run away when I fall off. It's pretty much foolproof, and you only have to practice a few times to master it.

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    I didn't know people we're actually doing this for real!?!?;););)..LOLOL

  • @drew I am a pretty decent hobby wood worker. The wood decks are veneer plywood. That means you basically have plywood with a thin veneer of "real" wood on the top for show. It is used all over the place because plywood is so dimensionally stable and it is inexpensive. it is a good fit for this application. If it were solid wood you would have all sorts of checking and cracking as the wood was exposed to the elements and temperature extremes.

    To fix the damage, I would get some wood glue and some hardwood dowels of the correct diameter. You could glue a dowel in there and sand it smooth and flush. then you could redrill the hole for the screw to remove any excess material the dowel takes up. There other things you could try, but that is probably a simple and effective way.

  • Maybe T bolts would be a better solution than those nut-serts. They barley hold in metal let a lone wood. lol

  • @timvdp yeah I believe you're right. I wish the screws went through both ends rather than one.

  • @RandomNate thanks for the fixing tip. FM seems to want to replace the pad for for me which is awesome of them. I just have to send it in first.

  • @braswell are they going to make you send the whole board? That's what they wanted me to do.

  • @drew I hope not. I asked for clarification because Carly mentioned they don't offer to sell, and don't have stock to replace. But then said "we'll send a fresh set once you send back your pads."

    I hope I can just put a deposit down on my CC so they can just send me without me having to send them first.

  • @braswell I'm sure it's a work in progress for them. They'll likely delay someone's board to get you fixed up.

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