(Unlikely) Price Reduction

  • This will never happen but I think that, as an incentive to speed up shipping, Future Motion should refund 1% of the price for every extra week that the board takes to ship. Like Amazon, they should bill you at time of shipment rather than time of order. If this was implemented, the prices would go like this:

    <6 weeks: $1500
    <7 weeks: $1485
    <8 weeks: $1470
    <9 weeks: $1455
    <10 weeks: $1440
    <11 weeks: $1425
    <12 weeks: $1410
    <13 weeks: $1400

    Not only would this speed up shipping, but it would make people less unhappy if their board takes a long time to ship. I acknowledge that it will never happen because Future Motion wants to maximize profits, but it would make ultimately result in faster production and happier customers (which would result in more sales).

  • yeah....good luck with that.. When the hell did this forum become a complaint center? This isn't customer service...smh

  • @DVO I think you are taking this the wrong way. I am not complaining nor have I complained once during my 12 week wait. I just thought this would be a cool idea that would benefit everyone, that's all.

  • @DVO Also, it's not a huge request as some companies, like Amazon, actually have reimbursements for late shipments. If you order something through Amazon Prime and it does not come within the two days as promised, you are entitled to a free month of Amazon Prime (almost a $10 value). With this, we are talking one to two days late. With Future Motion, we are talking one to two months late...

  • Well it would be an incentive to raise the estimated delivery time, I guess.
    But yeah, it's not going to happen. You are still comparing massive retailers with a small manufacturer.

  • I get your frustration.
    The wait SUCKS.

    But I don't see it as being a permanent thing. Eventually, it will come back down to the 3-6 weeks.

    But tbh, I'd go the other way with it. If the weight time is 6 weeks, I'd IMMEDIATELY pay 1700+ if it meant my board would instead arrive in 1-2 weeks.

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