+ Hill Climbing ability

  • I have searching the forum, but haven't found any hard specs (hard numbers, percentages) on hill climbing for the +. I live in San Francisco and getting up these huge hills is a must for me. I mean some of them are ridiculous but I live in Nob Hill and walking with this thing isn't an option. Findings, thoughts?

  • How about this video in San Francisco going up and down lombard Street

  • @RandomNate That's the original Onewheel, but I imagine if V1 could do it, the + would own it.

  • That is definitely reassuring, it is odd to me though that they don't release more information on the exact specs of the board. Another question would be, is there regenerative breaking?

  • @cworsley4 Actually I'm in a similar situation taking a leap of faith on the OW+ for some of Seattle's steepest hills. I would really like it if someone who has a + could give us footage with gradient?

  • @cworsley4 and yes there is regenerative braking

  • Old post but I thought I'd reply.

    Onewheel has zero ability to sense the gradient and its accelerometer is always fighting to stay level to gravity.

    You may technically be able to go up/down something like a 20% gradient but you'll do so with a completely gravity-level board, which sucks. You'll feel off kilter with the gradient you're on, which feels weird, and you'll be at risk of grinding.

    Elevated mode just changes the pitch of the board, which can eke out a bit more upwards gradient ability. Just don't turn around, or start going down after you reach a crest, because then you'll find yourself grinding. AFAIK they do not have a Descent mode yet.

    I would pay handily for a gradient sensor add-on that would make riding more natural.

  • ... and going down Lombard St doesn't really say much. It's an interesting landmark because it's a switchback street, designed to avoid a steep undriveable gradient.

    Sure you can do it, but you feel like you're braking all the way down, meanwhile, you have much less rear clearance to actually apply the brakes, and are close to grinding your tail. If you do fight to maintain level with gradient, you will quickly max out your speed instead of cruising. Good luck with that on those switchback turns!

    That said Lombard would be awesome to go up and down for realsies. With proper tilt sensitivity, able to ride the gradient like any other vehicle, cobblestones be damned.

    Without new sensors, OneWheel could let us try this with a proper Elevated/Descent mode beta, dialed into specific test streets (like Lombard).

  • @willcapellaro I'm with you 100% on this one.

  • I like the feel of the level board on hills.... it's like an escalator... at first I would be creeping up at the tops of hills but I got used to the board and now can cruise right up all but the steepest hills at a constant pace I am impressed with hill climbing performance..... off road I am still a bit sketched out by it though

  • I like how the board isn't level with the hill your climbing it would feel so weird same with doing down like it could go steeper but than you take away the seesaw motion f the onewheel when you accelerate and just defeats the purpose of the OW for me, it goes up pretty steep hills 20-35ish slope hills is what I've done not sure about others. The plus climbs a bit worse than the v1 in my opinion and I never used elevated on the v1 I could climb big grass hills easily but the plus it is slower and harder to do the same hills.

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