Warranty denied due to re-griptapeing?

  • I am wondering if anyone has sent a board in for warranty and had FM deny the warranty repair because of mods? I replaced the grip tape cause it was worn pretty bad and now I have to send it back for something that might be related to the sensors.

  • If the issue you are having is with your sensors I could see them denying the claim since you potentially could've damaged the sensor when you replaced the grip tape. When my one wheel arrives, I'll probably pick up a second set of footpads that I won't modify specifically for that reason.

  • I think I will borrow the decks from a friends ow when I send it in just in case.

  • I've sent mine in with my concave widebody deck and had no problems. They were stoked. I wouldn't worry about it.

  • @ashewheeler sweet thx.

  • @ashewheeler said in Warranty denied due to re-griptapeing?:

    I've sent mine in with my concave widebody deck and had no problems. They were stoked. I wouldn't worry about it.

    that must have been a surprise for FM when the mail arrived LOL
    & nice to know they are so tolerant

  • Here's your answer directly from future motion

    Hi Jon,

    Re-gripping the foot pads will void the warranty and is highly frowned upon.

    Kindest regards,

  • @njcustom Boo Hoo!! lol Guess I'm borrowing footpads. Thanks

  • Wow I guess it's too much of a liability because of the sensor for them to formally approve. To be completely honest I didn't send mine in I dropped it off at HQ. I was in Santa Cruz for the "Designing a boardsport" event FM put on back in November at the Cosmic art gallery and was lucky enough to score a meeting with them after showing them my deck. One of my onewheels needed some repairs so I left it with them and also gave them a fresh deck to mess with. My goal was to either land a job with FM or get access to sensors neither of which happened. Julian in a later email commented that they were concerned about the liability implications of providing sensors for off label use but that he would noodle on it. Anyways didn't mean to lead you astray @wr420 I honestly thought they would really appreciate the beautiful job you did on your custom pads. Their lawyers must have advised them to discourage any and all tampering with the device and pads. I can totally understand in this age of litigation that they have to completely protect themselves.

  • @ashewheeler no biggie, I still want to check out those decks you make. Everything in flux at the moment though. Maybe by summer.

  • @wr420 I'm working on some revisions and experimenting with some potentially way more durable materials than wood. Also have a source for full sensors but have to buy 200 at a time to make affordable. I was going to wait and see if FM will make the surestance pads available soon before spending tons of money on sensors. And of course I will mod the + as soon as I get a chance. I will post some new stuff soon and hope to be back out west this summer and likewise it would be awesome to get to check out your pads. That Walnut top veneer is so dope😵!

  • pictures??..

  • Guys it comes down to a simple thing , if everyone could put new grip tape on the board they would never sell new foot pads , the more footpads and stuff they sell the better for them , I don't see this as a bad thing it's just business, they want to sell the stuff they make

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