Clicking noise on OW+

  • Mine just started making the same noise, but less frequently than yours. Seems to only do it when the wheel is moving in one direction (forward).

  • Mine is now making the clicking sound. I am have about 170 miles on it. I am not sure what I will do without a one wheel while it gets fixed. It's going to be a sad time.

  • Its one of the retainer clips that holds the bearings in place. Easy fix if you got the nads to open it up.

  • mine is starting to click very light not as bad i have 460 miles should live bearings send to fm i’m waiting for my xr so i can still ride

  • @leprosydog Not really sure what you meant in this sentence. But yeah I am waiting for my XR before I send mine in. The clicking is annoying though.

  • They also fixed this for me, didn't say what they did just vaguely "we serviced the board", but the bearing clip theory sounds likely. It did not affect the ride or range at all and FM confirmed that I could keep riding until I was ready to be without the board for a bit.

  • The same sound could be heard from my ~230 mi. OW (ie. switch plate with rear rt foot going forwards ). Thought tire wear would even out if main traveling directions are changed every 100 miles. So : 100 mi. With p plate in front, 100 mi. In rear, then 30 mi. In front again when CLICking started. Loud, people could hear it. THEN , it stopped.
    Is there a list of people with this issue? Will the noise come back? Oh, went for 12 miles before the clicking subsided...

  • @rabbit I had the same issue, the clicks could be felt through footpads
    This was repaired under warranty.

  • @sfctac reluctant to warranty just yet... put drops of wd 40 on bearings, now I feel a slight bearing vibe every rotation.
    So: this started with a twang (think brake cable sounding on spokes- muffled by the ow hub). Went away for 30 miles came back as a definite sealed bearing ping- as common on American bike hubs with sealed NDK bearings. After oiling the bearing rotation vibe is noticeable. I’ll drop more lube & reply

  • Sounds like a bad bearing for sure. I replaced mine and did some other work inside to fix some minor issues I was having. Its a do it yourself job but its pretty time consuming and required patients.. But you can do it if you want to avoid sending it to FM.

  • @mtruby82 did you look into the bad bearing for a cause ( no grease or chipped ball bearing)?
    I added 2 more drops of wd40 to each side & rolls smooth now.

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