Uncontainable excitement!!!

  • Ordered last month expecting to wait until Jan/Feb for delivery. My birthday is in three weeks and apparently the stars chose to align in my favor because I have the opportunity to purchase a lightly-used-but-in-excellent-condition Onewheel TODAY!

    I'm ridiculously stoked. I'm meeting with the seller in 2.5 hours and can hardly sit still I'm so excited. Time to re-watch everyone's videos to fill the void until I'm cruising ^_^

  • Welcome to #TeamOneWheel!A new chapter in your life begins! Titled #OneWheel lol

  • Thank you! Took my OW and my dog to the park the minute I got home last night. I didn't consider how fun it would be for my dog, too - She had a blast chasing me around. Went out cruising before work this morning... Now I'm sitting at my desk just waiting for lunch so I can cruise the parking lot ^_^.


  • @skylo If you haven't already done so, remember to REGISTER your used OW under your name. FM will honor the 1 year warranty until your board's 1st birthday. :birthday:

  • Welcome! Great picture, and I'm not at all envious of that weather ;(.

  • I take my onewheel and my pup out to hike and trails all the time! Gets my pup nice and tired! Cool pic btw!

  • @Code-ster Awesome, thank you!

  • @germx Thank you! The sunny winter weather came at the cost of shredding fresh powder, but I can't say I'm regretting that tradeoff at the moment :).

  • It's been raining since I got mine (just 5 days). It's hardly like the videos of the beach in Florida or the Santa Monica boardwalk, but I've been riding in parkades, a factory, out in the rain, the basement - wherever I can. I put my 12 and 14 year-old daughters on it as soon as I got it home, and they picked it up instantly. Now my wife is saying I should get 2 more.

    I haven't tried the dog with it yet, but might give it a go tomorrow, depending on the rain.

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