Official delay - end of month, early April new expected pioneer delivery

  • They really need to offer incentives at least quicker shipping upgrades to people who are waiting a month + from promised ship date. I don't understand how their answer changes to 2-4 week + lead times within 24 hours I was promised my board will ship out on the 28th like 3 times.... the day after the 28th they told me it's going to be a month delay.. like wtf.... Do they plan on building the boards in one day? How the hell would you not know that my board which is in the 500's will not ship on the 28th when I ask you on the 27th..... Something fishy going on here, I don't buy the "part for the motor" deal I work on electric motors for a living what part of the motor could possibly not meet their standards they come preassembled? Is it like a shaft key? Hell I'll manufacture 500 shaft keys and ship it to them within 2 days. Motors are made in China, Fenders are made in china they are making good money on these boards so anyone who thinks they are turning a small profit on these things are just naive. Take the fender as an example and you will realize their markup... Fender is $85.00 their cost is probably $2-6.00 dollars molded plastic made in china..

  • @s2kboy
    I think they just got so swamped that they could not give the small shipping service&updates they hoped and just sent out some general ones trying to cover it all...if you ask me They should have ramped up their production and personell before doing a worldwide release of an upgrade of such an succesfull product.

    But be happy count your blessings;)...
    i don't even dare to think about placing an order or owning 1 in general this year, living in the Netherlands...after all these delays etc
    at least You will be cruising the new version THIS summer...hopefully!;)

  • @timvdp I am resting easy but I'm almost certain they will push this second delay even further out.

  • @s2kboy

  • @Da-Aviator I've been called worse , lol

  • I was told 2-3 weeks

  • OW told me yesterday that my board shipment should be "confirmed" next week:

    "Hi Louis,

    We will make sure your board ships with the next batch! You can expect confirmation next week.


  • @loudeezy- I thought every order up to 715x has shipped... If you're 708x, this implies that the shipping has not followed order number. Is this correct? -jdj

  • I just got shipping confirmation stating that my Gold Edition OneWheel + is on the way. I tracked it and it has left Future Motion and will be in the panhandle of Florida on Tuesday the 21st! Finally! I was order #80XX.

  • #768X ordered 24 hours in and nothing... dunno how 8s are shipping...

  • @sidebox said in Official delay - end of month, early April new expected pioneer delivery:

    #768X ordered 24 hours in and nothing... dunno how 8s are shipping...

    I'm #768X as well and still nothing. Not sure why they are going out of order. Not too happy about that.

  • @ericmarshall Can you confirm it is actually your board and not an accessory. Shipping gold boards out before founders would be ridiculous.

  • @Franky you always say speak so intelligently. Glad to see your healthy analysis popping back up on these threads. We've missed you!

  • @SC720 I have emailed Future Motion and asked to verify that my board shipped. The shipping weight of 1.7 lbs makes me suspect its the free fender. The shipping notification says Onewheel + Gold Edition.

  • Yeah it's the fender then. I reached out to them and had my fender shipped prior to the + so I would be ready for rain, and that's the same weight. The email was confusing though cause it doesn't mention the fender, caught me off guard thinking my plus had shipped!

  • @8bit so you have to request them to ship your fender ahead of time?

  • Indeed! I know it's silly but I'm not complaining, def excited to get a piece of the + haha.

  • Hey @jdjintx. Yeah they have yet to ship mine. I emailed them the day after they shipped the first lot and they said I needed to get a special permit from the Australian government to get it imported and this was the reason they did not ship mine (or email me). However, after getting the permit (which the AUS gov tells me I dont need) I'm pretty sure FM messed up my order and has made an excuse.

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