Why not 2 weeks ago?

  • Re: Sorry to the founding members
    Finally....I get it and I'm fine with the delay if it's really for that reason.

    Just amazing that this one wasn't published some 2 weeks ago....and hopefully they will stick to the new schedule.
    I have never had a board in my life and really can't wait to get the OW+. But I want to get it right.

    Happy waiting ....at least my helmet did arrive ....

    A Founder from Colorado


  • @neverendingfun I'm in the same boat , I couldn't care less how long it takes , just want it to be a tank as advertised

  • In 4 weeks and 1 week of trying out the new board we will laugh about it. Still one point sticks to ow management: why didn't you tell us right away?/// (3 days after you knew)?

    Great product I hope.......clients who love the product thousands!? Management? Have to think about it.....if I would handle my customers the same way they do I would be dead...

    Happy waiting and hoping it (yes the OW+) arrives now as promised..

    Never rode any board before but if it's half as good as I think.......I will ride it forever (or the upgrade).

    Rudi The Colorado rider.

  • With v1 we used to joke that waiting through the constant shipment delays was just a right of passage into the Onewheel owners club. We all went through it and couldn't stand the wait...but then our boards arrived and all was amazing. Looks like the same for the plus except I'm hoping and guessing their production skills have improved and they will get our boards faster.

  • I know now when the v3 or v2 comes out I will just wait till they get production into gear and are shipping same day or next day.

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