Real world range for 230# rider....

  • Can anyone on the forum comment on this? I have found that riding in cool temps (never more than 60 degrees yet) and on fairly level ground and at a good clip--average of I would say 12mph--my range is nowhere close to advertised. I am getting 4.6-4.9 miles and she is dead as a door nail.

    Is this probably normal and a function of weight and temperature? Or do I have what appears to be a weak capacity?

    Calling all fat guys like me! Let me know your experiences if you have a minute....

  • 225 lbs. here.

    My OW had been through the mills by the previous owner.
    Bought it a year ago and been riding daily.
    Still get 6 miles +, though most on my rides are around 4.5 miles.

    I run high psi around 24+

  • @dakota4ce first off how much you weigh? 2nd off what's the PSI you're riding at?

    You should be over 20psi to get the advertised range, especially if you're over 200Lbs

  • @dakota4ce I'm close to your weight and my range matches yours. Lighter riders or those that don't push it as hard will get another mile or two per charge.

  • Thanks guys! I think I could used a a bump in tire pressure to help a little bit. Probably around 18-19psi at the moment.

  • 19 is what I shoot for and usually get 6 miles at the shore.

  • I borrowed my dealers demo onewheel this weekend and I rode it for about 35 minutes on Friday. I got a little more than 5 miles and it was down to 28% and side it had another mile left in it estimated. I am 215 lbs. Then today, I decided to double check the PSI and found it was at 6 PSI, I kid you not! And this is a demo unit that has been beat to heck too. So that's pretty cool and encouraging for me when I get the plus finally

  • I heard a rumor that the next OneWheel generation V2 will be nuclear powered. 40 years on a charge then laid to rest solidified in concrete or bitumen and then buried deep underground.

  • I'm 220 lbs and I prefer 15lbs in the tires. I've tried it above and below but 15 seems to be the magic number for me in terms of how the ride feels. On my last ride I went 4.3 miles with 3% left at the end. The advertised range is 4 to 6 so I'm in the range and also there were a lot of hills and I'm a big guy so I don't expect to get the full 6 miles from a charge.

  • I'm 250. In the winter months here in Santa Cruz, I can get about 5.5 - 6 miles. During the summer, I'm able to get in the neighborhood of 6.5 - 7. Typically I run my tire at 18-20psi.

    The big difference I've observed in larger riders is how it handles the hills. I can't push the motor very hard or it simply cuts out, while I've seen someone a hundred pounds less absolutely barge the same incline.

  • I'm 220, I can get 6 miles easy on flat ground.
    It depends on how you inflate the tire.
    Used to ride at 15 psi... As you ride longer you will up your PSI....
    Law of nature---- :)

  • I think all OW owners should make themselves a portable charger(with the solar charge booster setup+-$110..2lbs)
    This will take away all the problems/complaints and give you all the freedom you need/ can handle...;)

    I was and still am amazed everytime I ride of what this board allows you to do in this small sleek package...people who see you are too
    and usually up to 45MINUTES+!!!!!!wow all terrain, everything it keeps eating it up compared to bike peddling or skateboarding uphill!!

    then my Nephew rides with me who is a foot smaller and probably 20kg's lighter...and lasts a lot longer and can go faster...I always hate it !;)..but those factors are not up to FM or the specs being not high enough you always have to give the machine a pass on that one!;)

    but once you make the charger and more freedom for yourself because you never have to think about your limited distance again
    it will give you a lot more peace of mind and satisfaction about your board and buy!:)...

    (and you won't feel the need to post your weight on these forums anymore!;)LOL) good luck!

  • @CaseInvaders Is this mostly flat like boardwalk-type riding?

  • @timvdp I am intrigued. Where is the recipe for this charger?

  • @dakota4ce Looks like it's been in the works since April Fool's Day....

  • @dakota4ce
    check this thread:
    tomtnt 6 months ago @nesman
    My portable charger.
    180wh per $50 Samsung pack. 42v/4.4ah
    Boost charger ($40) boosts the 48v to 58.4v at 3A. No need to carry charger.
    Also charges my boosted board.
    Instead of the battery pack, you can also power the boost charger with 12v cigarette adapter from the car.

    I have this set up now also... just 1 kg all together no OWcharger needed and gives you about 2charges on the go if you want

  • @skyman88 Thanks man! I love it...

  • @dakota4ce no, most rides around here that I do have elevation changes between sea level and 200ft. There are stretches of flat road, but, as typical in the Northern California coast, there are hills right up to the shoreline.

  • Can't get in that linked thread for some reason. Anyone else have that problem?

    Found the hardware featured in the pic though. Is the green box just acting as as charge adapter? Looks like the lightest portable battery option I've seen. Any downside? You said it doesn't need to the FM charger so does that break the warranty?

  • @JayWhy I also cannot access the thread, and also ordered the thing based on the picture. I am not sure how it would void any warranty as no one really cares where you plug your board in? As long as the inputs match, should be fine.

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