Real world range for 230# rider....

  • all you realy have to do is make the cable and buy the can use any battery you the forum for portable, charger etc and set yourself free

  • a way to increase your range alot is to start and stop more often then the regen braking will kick in more thus increasing your range

  • @jew_fro_1009 Do you really think that works? I would think that the acceleration after the stop would expend more energy than the braking regenerated.

  • @dcosmos said in Real world range for 230# rider....:

    @jew_fro_1009 Do you really think that works? I would think that the acceleration after the stop would expend more energy than the braking regenerated.

    Sound like you would be getting something for free, nothings free.

  • @jew_fro_1009 I would tend to think that this isn't something that works to increase range? Since energy can be neither created or destroyed, or something like that......

  • @timvdp So with the step up converter, some of these 36V electric bike batteries appear to be golden. 36V and 8-10 Ah batteries should charge the OW 2x plus if my math is correct? Well, not my math, google's Ah to Wh converter website....LOL. Public math=bad.

  • @jew_fro_1009 that might be true if the regen was 100% efficient. But I think the specs are something like 30% effecient. Otherwise you would have an infinite power generator lol. Starting and stopping more frequently would drain your batteries faster than just accelerating and maintaining your cruising speed. If you have ever investigated "hyper mileing" meaning driving your car for maximum range and gas mileage you learn that using your brakes hurts your milage a lot even with electric and hybrid cars with regen braking.

  • @jew_fro_1009 said in Real world range for 230# rider....:

    a way to increase your range alot is to start and stop more often then the regen braking will kick in more thus increasing your range

    The First Law of Thermodynamics argues against this (strenuously).

    However, that's not to say regen braking does not make a battery pack last <longer>. The regen braking is capturing <some> of the energy that would otherwise have been lost as heat or however else you expended energy to slow yourself down at the bottom of the hill.

  • I wouldn't say it's arguing against it, more of an example of it. The law is basically just saying how energy is transferred and you can't have a perpetual motion machine. Most of the energy is transferred in the form of heat which FM actually advertises as a feature of the plus, otherwise the onewheel would be a perpetual motion machine. Which @RandomNate described above haha. Just make sure you don't start downhill on a full battery ;)

  • @timvdp Stupid follow on question--how do you charge the portable charger battery? Now some of these come with charging apparatuses but others are simply raw batteries. This stuff scares me a little...
    in a good way.

  • @dakota4ce
    just ask the seller for a suitable charger to go with it they probably sell them...I had most of my parts from a donor fake when I took the battery out I also took out the charging connector ...but for the hoverboard battery they are 6$ on DH gate the also have batteries.
    Most of the sellers there will work with you and maybe even supply the cable for you.

    Or you can make a connector just like you have to make the connector to the onewheel

  • @dakota4ce The solar charge controller shown above(and below now) will charge almost any battery we would consider using in this application AND it can also be used to charge a OW battery from the 36v pack or what ever pack you are using as long as it is a lower voltage than the OW pack.

  • I'm using this set up..
    The battery I kept in it's original bay for protection(from a DANDAN OWclone)build design stolen from the OW..
    So you charge the portable battery at home with it's suitable charger..probably 1.5 or 2 hours :(:(...but on the road it charges your onewheel in the normal OW time because the booster transforms it to normal OW charger values and gives you more then 1 charge depending on what battery you use..

    as you can see I kept the normal connector in the charger loop but you could just cut the charger cord and connect a yellow connector to go onto the yellow battery connector.

    then once on the road you only carry the green booster and the donor battery

    I asked someone with more experience with electricity to make the connectors and let him read the posts(now deleted) on the forum

  • @dakota4ce yup :):)

  • @timvdp Setup looks great. I'm interested in a light weight portable charger pack and this looks like it. So you would set the out settings like the OW charger settings, and in settings at the output of the battery? Can you give me an example of your settings?

  • @Cojo21 settings depend on what you link it to, so...

  • @timvdp So with a fully charged backup battery, do you just hook up with the output settings set to mimic the ultracharger, and your input battery doesn't need settings?? It just pushes the juice and the solar charger does the rest????? I'm not scared to solder up some connections, I just don't want to make a mistake with the settings and fry the board!

  • @Cojo21
    yes, it picks it up by itself but you can also make charging programs with automatic settings & stops etc...there was also a link to some youtube vids about this booster explaining all you need to know and more...20min vid i think...
    do some more forum searching reading and youtube for the booster vids
    first you hook up the battery press OK, it will boost the volts fan starts...then connect to the OW...there are more people here using it and maybe are a bit more technical then me ;)

    but yes it is that easy :)

  • @timvdp I'm just watching all the youtube vids on the MPT-7210a. I'm going to pick one up.

  • @Cojo21 good luck and read up before you make the OW connector to be sure ;)

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