Onewheel+ Tire Options?!?!

  • Since winter decided to show its ugly face again, I figured it a good opportunity to do a little modding on my OGOW. It was on my way out when I glanced at my unscathed + and noticed something interesting. There looks to be a much larger gap in between tire/decks on the new +, which should allow for a direct swap of a treaded hoosier without having to file down the decks. I've been interested in trying this on my V1 but can't bring myself to potentially harm the board.....

  • Blizzard conditions come Tuesday.
    Winter ain't going away without a fight.

    I thought V1 and the + are the same.
    Can you post picture?

  • It will void your warranty.. re-gripping will too

  • I have the Hoosier on my V1. Look at my signature. I run it at 15 psi. No rubbing, no modification what so ever

  • @sonny123 posting pictures on here is a pita. Fact of the matter, there is about twice as much of a gap between tire and decks on my +. Both are unmolested as of yet, so I'm hoping someone else that has both can also confirm. This could potentially be another big buying point if in fact the extra clearance allows the freedom to play with different tire options without permanently altering the board itself

  • Sweeet. I really want to get that Hoosier

  • The Hoosier works just as well on the V2 as the V1...but that's probably not very surprising

  • @No did you have to grind down the housing again though to make it fit? Or was there anough clearance this time?

  • @braswell Unfortunately, yes, but not as much as my V1. I left my tire at 30PSI for a few hours before bringing it down to 15PSI in order to "shape" it, so it ended up having a little more of a bulge than usual.

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