Onewheel+ from ~o~ to --o-- for heavier riders

  • Won't repeat many of the reviews that cover butteriness, etc.

    Biggest thing for me, is pushing out the stability limit compared to the original. Let me explain.

    I'm 210lb (~95kg) and riding near the top end on the original OW led to a very specific risk...the dreaded nosedive.

    Over the last 2 years it became clear that this happened when hitting a bump or even decent incline, when near top seed. More weight made this fact, this was easy to test when adding a decently loaded backpack. Got easier to recover with bent knees, but with a concentration lapse, I'd still find myself running out or resting on ground after a spill :)

    Spent the last 2 days playing around with the + and the immediately noticeable difference, is being able to hit bumps (like literal speed bumps), at higher speed, with NO HINT of wobbles. This is the main and most important difference for me and I suspect heavier riders will appreciate this too.

    Other point of reference, is riding with my 10 year old now. We hit the same bumps, ride at the same speeds, etc. He can easily keep up and even outrun me on the original OW, so no doubt that bodyweight is a very important factor when considering performance.

    If you're lighter, original OW is fine, but OW+ may offer a bit more. We'll know more when new digital shaping is revealed.

    If you're heavier though (I'd say near 200lb/90kg), OW+ is the only way to go.

  • I'm pretty much exactly your weight and waiting for my plus to eventually arrive. So this is good to hear

  • @shaunabe completely agree, same weight as well and it's been ridiculously smooth at high speeds. Love the lack of push back, I still haven't hit it's peak I feel and my top speed so far is 17mph

    Are you riding around Miami still ?

    *Edit- just reached 21 mph today. Shit is crazy!

  • We all have to get together soon. Hopefully my plus wont take to long. But yes, i have one now for my 10 year old as well. And I'm 220 so we will be very similar. I also found there were hills he could go up easily that i couldn't make. So i figured we would be much more even with a + and a regular. Glad to know no More trips to the ER :)

  • @braswell yeah. Used to commute more but benn travel a slot so nostly ride weekends. Need to do a Miami Meetup.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL only thing better than OW is two OW :)

  • @shaunabe Completely agree. its way more fun riding with someone. Especially in a big open paved space like at bayfront, its almost like Ice dancing.... we we're like circling each other, i started to get dizzy. It was fun. But, when you have 2 riders you can challenge each other on the tuffer ruffer terrain. Other things that push your skill development way faster than if your just messing around on your own.

    Here is hoping to 2017 isn't a rolling disaster personally so we finally or I finally get the riding group going. I do have everyone's phone number if someone else wants to start calling events. I'm really close to not having a constant shit storm going :) part of which is recovering from a bad OW accident (part of which i think was OW issue i sent it back for diagnostics) my shoulder is still killing me. RRR bad OW, bad... go to your room OW.

    Trying to run an office and band, a new place to live.... then I'll get to getting this group together. But we really should get it together... and I'm surprised the local shops that sell these things haven't hopped on trying to do something like this, because put something together to get all the OW's out we'll come hangout. For free its like a freaking marketing bonanza for you guys.... but what do i know. :)

  • @shaunabe Agreed, OW+ is a must for 200lb plus pilots. Nice write up.

  • I don't seem to have any trouble with my V1 in these regards and I am tipping the scales at 230# of solid muscle. (?)

  • All you guys posting such good reviews of the OW+ are making it really hard to resist buying one. At least I'd have a second board for to loan a friend when we go riding or just as a backup in case I had to send one in for repair. Dammit, that's not helping either.

  • @thegreck

    Man I was thinking the exact same thing heading back from a ride.
    I mean, sure I don't cruise fast but it's nice to know the speed is there when I need it.
    My V1 ain't going anywhere if I get the +

  • @sonny123 The increased stability also sounds great. A more powerful motor can help you out in a lot of different spots, even if you only ride 8mph. But I'd love to be able to ride at 15-17 without pushback. Sounds like heaven.

  • @thegreck


    Looks like shipping now is in May if you order today. Understandably so.

  • @thegreck it's been kinda crazy how smooth you can ride, then only to check the app after and see you were coasting through at 21mph without any pushback.

  • I don't buy this 21 MPH crap :) as i don't buy 20 mph with the old board coasting :) but.... I do buy a OW+ very late so I'm going to be waiting awhile and basically i'm looking for that 15 mph with no pushback and stability for a 220lb rider :)

    I usually find my boards coasting just before pushback around 13 MPH. I'm sure i have pushed them to about 17 or so just before failure when i crashed them and banged my shit up but, that doesn't really count Does it. Cause that's not cruise Ing its crashing. ;) Maybe you. Are a bunch of thin small MFers :) flying all over the place.

  • @shaunabe Have you noticed higher-than-normal battery drain with the V2? I ride aggressively, and I'm the same weight as you, and the battery drain seems a little ridiculous

  • @No I need to go back and benchmark my original, but so far, sees to be in 6-7mile range, which is what I recall. I have a few commuter routes and I can make the same "refuel" stops :)

    I will pay more attention and report back.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I weigh 210 and I usually wouldn't ever go this fast on my v1 mainly due to it nose diving so often, and early pushback around 12mph. However with the plus it just coasts very easily at 18+ speeds. I still don't think I've felt full pushback, if anything I mentally push myself back because I see how fast I'm whizzing by shit lol

    Check the new app. I'm numero 3 EPiD3MiK

  • Nose diving so often... :) how many times did it take your to learn your lesson :)

  • Cause i am still fucking killing my damn shoulder ahhh pain :) 2 weeks later i don't know if if i tore some muscle or just strained a tendon or something but fuck. .Rrrr. And I don't even know what caused this nose dive. Had to send the board back. I even invested in some serious pads for my more daring riding from now on. :) its just not worth the weeks of pain. Disruption in my schedule.

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