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  • @onewheel2 Take that shit to customer service. These boards used to be filled with good info and ideas, now you stupid newbs have scared away FM from posting with these wack ass complaints and whining. NOBODY GIVE A SHIT but you newbs. YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT TALK TO CUSTOMER. This forum is for riders and how to better the sport and product. Now NONE of the original posters who used to post, don't post as much. You guys have ruined this board with you complaints and shit. WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT TAKE IT TO FM, NOT THE FORUMS. And yes, I get a lot PM's from GOOD posters who are planning on quitting these boards cause of you guys. /end rant

  • @DVO I appreciate your input but I don't remember ever complaining. What I posted yesterday was not a complaint but an idea to further better the company. I think Future Motion is great I just think that people have a right to be upset when they are deliberately lied to. If you ask me, YOU are making this forum worse by spreading negativity and putting people down who are just tired of waiting. Also, thanks for all the down votes - sure is making this forum a better place. I posted an idea and immediately you shot me down and were a jerk about it so I thank you for that and t]hope that you find something better to do with your time.

  • @Guest lol, sure buddy. LOL, thats why original posters who are helpful contributors are messaging me telling me how much they hate the forums now. Nice fake account too. Don't try to flip this on me you moron. I'm been here for awhile and saw how this community used to be, don't be a wus and get a new account to confront me. One post would have been fine with complaints about how late they are, WE HAVE ALL BEEN THROUGH IT. You don't like how FM does shit? Cancel your order and see how much FM gives a shit about your order. AND, find something better with your time instead of making fake accounts....oh and have a nice day <3

  • Should make a separate forum which you only get access to thru invitation..

  • Can I compare the size of my censored too here? Or am I too much of a "newb" considering there are some pretty seasoned veteran professional onewheelers here who know it all in their 1.5 years of riding.

  • Can we make a "newb of the day" almost like a "kook of the day" website poking fun of "newb one wheel riders?"

  • The bottom line is that future motion has a long history of advertising unrealistic ship dates and even though they have had time to realize they always ship late, they do not update expectations properly.

    That said, they also have an amazing product unparalleled by similar devices.

    If fm were advertising 12 week eta ship dates and people were complaining, that would be crap. But they do refuse to advertise realistic ship dates which is frustrating to people waiting since most buyers hope for the best.

    On the other hand anyone reading these forums knows what they are in for. I get the frustration but taking it farther is not cool.

    I think there is a place in these forums for both frustration and adulation. Fm is not a bad company but they can improve. I'm glad they have this forum and I hope the dialog on both sides of the discussion continues.

  • @DVO dude... this subtitle of this part of the board is called "dude...where's my board?" And I think it's legit that people ask and maybe complain a little about advertisement that has 98% been proven false. But these posts have (mostly) been contained to this section of the forum.

    The wall of stoke and other parts are mostly positive and happy posts of those who have gotten their boards.

    If you don't want to read these threads then stick to the other board sections. But I don't think it's fair to say that people are flooding the forum with complaints; this is the right place for this type of conversation.

  • he should have every right to bash those kook "newb" Onewheel riders since he has had his for three months.

  • Well I had UPS date of 1 day shipping since I am close to their factory. Of course it didn't happen. Took 3 days. Messed up part UPS kept showing it was out for delivery and then change it to delay (no further info).

    In any case, about FM's shipping. I agree that they should change estimated shipping times as they change. Being a small company, I get they don't control their supply chain so things change from what they were told would happen. However, I think they should update everyone.

    That being said, it does look like they have moved back to the 6-8 week delivery based on what others have said and my contact with them.

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