Onewheel tracker?

  • So we all know that FM probably won't make a security feature for the OW because it's just keeping you from riding, and the other day I saw one of those tile key tracker things on my grandpas keys, anybody think it might work to put one under the footpads? There's probably enough room under the pads to fit one of those things in there and tape it down with some tape. One of the people near where I ride almost had his stolen but the theif fell and ran away. So I think this could work but don't have any other use for a key finder if it dosent work for the OW...

  • @OffRoadOW

    I think one of the modification threads touches on this and I think someone pulled it off. May want to search the forums a bit and you'll probably find it.

  • Have both a Tracker inside the battery cage and a SpyTechGPS unit superglued to the axle housing (looks completely inconspicuous). But there's a GPS tracker kickstarter coming out, will probably swap for that when it's ready.

  • Tracker is a good idea, but for extra security, Kryptonite works well.


  • @bobmatnyc superglued to where? The side of the tire? Did it fit underneath the front or back foot pad?

    I was looking into this one

  • @braswell underside of the axle housing next to the tire. Once there, it looks like it belongs. The superglue wont' stand up to lateral pressure (a kick, for example), but holds fine otherwise.

  • @bobmatnyc nice. I'm interested but the monthly fee is what throws me off. I rather charge per gps ping. I wouldn't want it live tracked 24/7 only in the shit situation of it being stolen.

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