Companion board: what's the best?

  • I am thinking I want a "traditional" powered skateboard to be a worthy companion for my OW. In fact, I may cancel my + order and channel that money toward something longer range. Reason is, we spend a lot of time at a lake each summer that has a 17 mile pathway around the lake that is freshly paved and just off-the-charts smooth. I would love to set out and circle the lake in a single session--or tag along with my bicycle neighbors when they take to the path.

    I have ridden a Boosted Dual G1 a little, otherwise I only have OW experience.

    Some that have intrigued me:
    Evolve Carbon GT (not sure I am comfortable with the price)
    Metroboard with the long battery
    Inboard M1 + extra battery
    Boosted Dual G2 (would need extra battery--not sure its "quick swap" though?)
    Zboard 2 Blue

    Open to any suggestions and or feedback. Main concerns are power and range. I am 230#. Also, as a secondary concern I do like good value when shopping, if that is even possible in this genre LOL.

    Thanks guys!

  • I love my Metroboard with the newer RF remote.

    Like you, wanted a OW companion and couldn't be happier.
    Though OW get s much more usage, meaning to put more time on Metroboard come warm weather.

  • @dakota4ce You might want to consider an Electric Unicycle. I've been researching them for a while but haven't pulled the trigger yet. Gotway seems to have the fastest and largest batteries available. The MSuper V3 and the Monster look really good. My main concerns right now are regarding warranty and build quality with wire connections.

  • get a portable battery for the OW and you could just take some 20 min stops watch cyclists pass by and in 10 mins zoom by them at 20mph

  • @sonny123 I was really initially drawn to this one. I kind of like the industrial appearance and the fact that you can get a monster battery if you want it. I also was thinking I would want the giant wheels for our crappy streets up here in South Dakota.

    Thanks for the input!

  • Just ordered an extra battery for my Inboard M1. May get one more as well. :-) The inboard still has a bit more to go in terms of ride-feel, they need to tune their controller. But speed and handling are great, and the thing is pretty light (under 15lb) and slim. I can ride it basically as a regular longboard so battery isn't as much of an issue. Pretty happy with it.

  • You should check out TorqueBoards. They are a small company making highly regarded boards. If you check out the electric skateboarding sub on Reddit you'll see they are one of the best, affordable, and reliable boards around. Beware of many of the more name brands and do your research.

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