When does low battery pushback activate?

  • Went for a ride last night and when I got home I checked the battery. It was at 1% but the board never gave me the low battery pushback. I was doing about 15MPH just before stopping to check. Does anyone know when/at what percentage it is supposed to get activated? The manual just says when the battery is "extremely low," but I want to understand when the board is telling me it's time to stop before it turns off completely.

  • @Rig

    Typically, when I get the drained battery pushback, it means I'm toast and time to carry OW back home.
    Happened few times when I forgot to charge.
    I may get a 100 feet or so before it's totally dead.

  • @Rig With the two OWs I use, I've noticed that sometimes you can ride on for a while even after the app says %1. Just dont go fast and prepare for the front end to start rising up. I think that your only in danger of the board suddenly stopping if your going high speed or anything else requiring high current draw while the battery is that low. I've had low batt pushback at 12% when I was running it hard. If you shut it off and then back on, you likely can use up the remaing battery normally .

  • There's probably a rate factor because it seems that cold weather can trigger it faster. I've gotten low battery pushback at 5%. Usually I can get a few hundred feet more by riding over pushback, but then when it gives up the ghost the stop will be sudden.

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