Charger Popping

  • I thought the charge port was dry but in hindsight looks like there was some water in there. When I plug the charger in I hear a popping noise now. Also, the light on the charger stays green when plugged in. I'd read on here to press the power button on the onewheel after plugging in and sure enough the red light pops up. It is charging and the onewheel seems to be working fine, but the popping is concerning and figured I'd check with those who have more experience. Thanks.

    edit: I just checked the POWheel app and it shows last error code as ErrorOverTemperature. I've only used the app a couple times, but I don't remember seeing that error, or any for that matter.

  • @markdjr Plug the board into the charger before plugging the charger in the wall. This will help it from arching (popping).

  • @markdjr If you are getting just one pop or arc sound when plugging it in that could be normal. Just plug it in first like mentioned. If something is continuously popping after plugging it in then you have problems.

  • Thanks for the followups. It is just one pop while plugging it in. I just bought the board off of craigslist 3 days ago, don't remember the popping on day 1, so just figured I'd screwed something on day 2 with the wet plug. I'll try plugging board in then the wall.

  • @markdjr Yes, it's always just one pop, but better to have that pop happen every time you charge at the outlet than the power port of your $1,500 Onewheel.

  • Mine has sparked since the day i plugged it

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