The Onewheel Treatment

  • Hello All, being a noob - never been on skateboard, snowboarding etc... I ride electric unicycles.. I figured since the V2 is coming out i'll give that a shot... Then i realized the long wait and so I went out and purchased the Onewheel version 1. I figured I can prepare myself for version 2. Here's a video I put together - I have to admit I'm having a really good time on this thing....

    I hope you all enjoy this! Thanks for allowing me to be part of the family! Keep it wheel!!

    Check out my Onehweel video.. It's safe to say I'm having a great time. Let me know what you guys think!

  • @thecool32 What's up man!? I saw this on the FB group and Reddit! We're glad to have you part of the community :)
    I like how you show messing with the app and trying to get stable on the board in the beginning and then you're cruising with some speed while flying the Mavic towards the end. The progression is addicting isn't it!? Then you got your family riding too... awesome! Keep at it dog!

  • Welcome aboard. Getting your hands on an original to satisfy your wait time on your + is an impressive move! You'll be pro in time for your + to arrive. Just be careful once you get completely comfortable on your board. Most people find out the hard and painful way by pushing it too much.

  • Yeah man! I also responded to the one you posted on FB, but your video is pure class! I agree with @slydogstroh , it's good to have you on board (literally). I can tell by watching you already successfully practicing riding switch and trying to do some tight turns that you'll be really good in no time, so I'm totally looking forward to seeing future videos from you.

  • That is a fantastic video that I think shows a very good representation of what it is like at the very beginning for a user experience. Which is almost never really seen and impossible to describe. It is something that is overcome in like 2 weeks though of really trying. :)

    Fantastic video work. Amazing drone really excited to have you aboard.... you will LOVE onewheeling...... :) its super addictive.

  • Nice vid man!

    If I could do it all over again, I may have gone your route...but the v1 then get the v2 summertime after the preorders are filled. Instead....I wait!

    Been a long time since I've been on a board of any kind besides Bosu balls and what not at the gym so a lil anxious over the learning curve so this was great!

    and PS. Nice choice with old school Bonobo for the background music ;-)

  • Thank you all for your kind words! Trust me I've been practicing everyday... My legs isn't as shaky as it use to be like the beginning! Still learning tight turns & bailing!

    My wife love's it and now my daughter wants one haha! Yeah once V2 is available i'll give them this board. As for the video the feedback is amazing thank you! As soon as I got on it I knew I had to do it justice with the camera! The only negative thing I'm going to say which is 100% my fault is why didn't I get one the moment it came out!!! Yes I'm also on the fb group I've seen some of the videos amazing stuff you guys are doing!

  • @SC720 said in The Onewheel Treatment:

    Welcome aboard. Getting your hands on an original to satisfy your wait time on your + is an impressive move! You'll be pro in time for your + to arrive. Just be careful once you get completely comfortable on your board. Most people find out the hard and painful way by pushing it too much.

    second that & welcome!:)

  • @thecool32 Surprised and happy to see you here. I've had the OW for a year and now I'm researching EUCs. I've been reading the EUC forum and appreciate your videos I've found there. I think you might be right that the OW is more versatile. Seems to me the EUC might be better for high speed cruising while the OW goes anywhere (even ice) and slow speed obstacle & terrain challenges are incredibly fun.

  • Great to have your here and thanks for your fantastic video. I never did ride a board before and ordered the + as founders and become sick to wait. You did the right thing ....the v1 would hav3 been a great starter...

    But tell me one thing.... why do you ride without helmet or other protection? Are you too,cool for that or just a wheelmonster? Accidents only happen to the other guys right?

    Thinks about it.......great video. Thanks

  • The only thing better than 1 OW is 2 OW's :) my son and I (he is 10) ride every weekend. Its really a blast and riding with someone is much more fun than riding alone. :)

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL This is why I started the Chicago ride group. After crashing the Boosted Board Meetups all summer last year, I realized that some of my best relationships have come from Esk8. It's like when you ride with someone, you're best of friends and totally stoked on the moment. This tech definitely brings people together in an amazing way.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I'm a bit nervous my son is 9 , how long did it take for him to get the hang of it you 10 year old , I was going to see how he takes to my OW+ and then if he likes it buy another and he can have mine after I turn it down to the lower settings

  • @gbones2692 Turning down to lower settings sounds like a bad idea unless digital shaping on the plus has useful step-downs versus the OG's "Classic" mode. My 9 year old cruises around comfortably on the OW but he seems not as impressed because he has never had to kick/coast a traditional skateboard.

  • @dcosmos 🤔

  • @gbones2692 My son picked it up pretty quick. I only have him ever other weekend, but, the typical amount of time, couple of hours of riding.

    The difference with the kids has to do with weight. The board is 25 lbs. when they are really young, and they weigh like 75 lbs that is a tuff weight ratio to master when things go a little awkward. So, if he is going to fall, or the board swipes his ankles, that impact and the Force Which we know = MA registers a big impact into a smaller package, So its tuff on them.

    But, my son has only taken 1 serious dive which i am pretty sure is from a bad sensor, I'm replacing my footpads now, I'm getting a consistent sensor warning on the app. My nephew who is 9 who skateboards picked its up super quick. My son was a little more timid at first. But got it. He is now a pro. And riding together advanced his skills exponentially.

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