Battery Time

  • Hi.I don't have a Onewheel yet but have ordered the Plus.
    There is a lot of info here about the mileage that riders get on a charge. My question is how long does your ride last? Is it long enough? Or do you always wish that you could go for another half hour or so. Do you get tired before the charge runs out?
    (My weight is 210 Pounds/ 95Kg and I'll ride it in mild temperatures)

  • It's funny how I never keep track of how long the charge lasts. Probably having too much fun. It depends a bit on whether you're on pavement or offroad and how fast you travel. Most of the time, the end of the charge is just about right for a break. Once it's charged and I make another run, I'm usually fatigued by the time that charge depletes. Legs get a little wobbly, especially in cooler temps. You will get tired before the charge is over when you're getting familiar with the OW at first.

  • Never had an issue with the range.
    I ride mostly from home to the park and back with about 15-20% left when I'm ready for a break.
    The + may seem like it has shorter range, but bear in mind it's a faster board that'll cover the range faster, so it may seem like it has shorter range.
    That said, being that it's a more powerful motor, it may require more power than V1 so perhaps the overall range may be within .5 mile less.

  • Does a charge last for more or less than an hours riding?

  • Totally depends....

  • @JacoNZ really depends on how you ride, how much you weigh, and terrain.

    I have the plus and this weekend I did about a 1.5 hour ride or possibly longer, just cruising at low speeds I'd say ranging from around 5-10mph, cruising comfortably along a paved walkway along the beach. At the end of this journey my legs were aching and I did a full exact 7 miles with 14% battery left. I was impressed.

    Then the very next day did a 4.5 mile ride crushing my speed limit at 21mph and riding at constant 17+ mph rate. I reached my destination at 2% (luckily because I didn't even check my battery status assuming this 4 mile trip will be a cake walk) but again this time I hauled ass. This time the battery only lasted about 20 minutes or so.

    My weight is approx 210 btw

    All in all the battery is a solid- your legs will thank you it's limited ;)

  • @JacoNZ I'm usually ready for a short break by the time the battery runs out. Usually.

  • Got this yesterday, the Yeti 400 from Goal Zero! Its an amazing combination I mean just look at the logo's :) Went riding today and got 2 full charges out of it at regular charging time.


  • i get about 7 minutes of ride time at 2 miles of distance per charge. this is about the same as my compressed-air powered helicopter.

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