Foot fatigue, related to board size... thoughts...

  • @PowerWheel5000 Nike SB dunk low's are legit that way.

  • Orthofeeet shoes Recommended by a close friend who has used your product for years with immediate relief. I hope I am able to say the same when I start using them. My foot pain is becoming unbearable. Shopping experience was effortless. Shopping & placing order was easy. Will be waiting to see the quality of product ordered. I have a very small foot, size ladies 4, some size 5's fit if they run small/narrow, which is hard to find. I have high arches & have to have good support shoes. Hoping these orthotic arches will help in my sandals

  • @powerwheel5000 Yeah I tried to wear skateboard shoes for awhile when I got my first onewheel as this seems logically like the best shoe. HOWEVER, I have found that shoes with a heel ride infinitely better than zero heel shoes like normal skateboard shoes.

  • so a basic concept. you are likely using muscles and stretching tendons that you haven't in the past.

    my early rides, my feet definitely hurt. over time they hurt less.

    if I go on long rides the next day, my ankles and parts of my feet are a bit sore.

    You aren't driving in a car, you are actually working out (not hard core).

    Totally agree you need tight skate shoes. Beyond that just suck it up and build up your strength.

  • I only get fatigue when I forget to carve hard! holding a straight line leads to a lot more fatigue than wiggling your hips and legs through the curves - forces your feet and lower legs to utilize a variety of muscles instead of focusing the work one small group of them.

  • @braswell I had that about 10 years ago. I got some inserts at the Good Feet Store and it went away. But the inserts are way overpriced.

  • @powerwheel5000 you should really try a pair of Merrell vapor glove shoes! Its a running shoe for barefoot/minimalistic runners like myself.
    Wide toe box and great fit in the heel.
    Awsome feeling but I get foot fatigue due to me being a beginner still.

  • I have a Onewheel +, everything stock. I wear a size 8 US mens shoe, and my feet are fully exhausted after 4.4 miles riding 19-20mph in the street, which takes about 20 minutes. I have to take a 5 minute break halfway to shake my feet out or I start to get wobbles. I don't think board size is relevant, I've got tiny feet! I've got a pair of Etnies, Vans, and DC, two out of the three have Dr. Scholls gel inserts. They're all relatively loose, certainly not too tight. I think we're just using muscles we don't usually use.

  • @510-1-whl I'm size 8 1/2 and had the same issue for probably the first 600-700 miles on my +. I'm pretty sure it is just new muscles being stressed, like you said. I did 2 things. First, I tried to carve more, as it seemed to help me get further before my feet would get numb. While I do like floating straight, doing so for long distances was a sure way to cause this problem for me. Second, I would roll my feet left and right, from the outside to the inside and back, while riding, especially as I felt them wearing out. I'm now at 1100 miles and rarely, if ever, feel that fatigue anymore. Hopefully, like me, your muscles will eventually acclimate to the board.

    Good luck!

  • @onedan After a pretty good crash today, I'm back down to 15mph average and doing plenty of sidewalk riding. No more fatigue haha. The day you stop being scared of it is the day you should stop riding it.

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