Battery capacity down 50% after winter

  • Any advice on how to get the battery back to full capacity after standing mostly still for a few months?

    Last summer I got up to 40min and over 10km rides on one charge. Now after the winter I charged it up over night to balance the battery, but still got only a bit over 20min and 5-6km until 10% charge remaining. It seems to me like the battery is only half of what it used to be. The board was not in use between mid November and now mid March. There was one window of hardly any snow and above 0 degrees in Jan, but I only got one or two rides then.


  • @PatricFIN Not sure. It might be worthwhile to email this same write up and see what they say.

  • @PatricFIN

    What temperature are you riding at?
    When it's too cold, you'll get less range.
    Eventually it should recovers with repeated usage and getting warmer.

  • @slydogstroh : Good point, I need to email support!

    @sonny123 : It was a bit below 10'C when riding today. And you're right, I'll probably get more range just by letting it climb to 20'C. I guess I need to start riding again actively to get it back to full capacity :). More air in the tire probably also helps and staying on tarmac.

    Thanks for the quick feedback!

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