More Wishlist Madness

  • More Wishlist Madness

    1. A firmware/software update for all existing Onewheels to the Onewheel+ settings and a Footpad and Bumper upgrade kit...for purchase (Perhaps at a discount for existing OWners). There is no reason why the Onewheel cannot perform at the level of the Onewheel+. I'd buy the upgrade. Fingers crossed. Maybe that was the plan all along, check out 2:01. It's not what he says, it's just..."because of the implication".

    2. A more durable tire. Mine failed at 525 miles. I ride mostly concrete and I carve; PSI of 20. I don't want to have to replace the tire every 500ish miles.

    3. A Home Tire Replacement DVD, tire, and tool kit. This would be a way better option for owners and also help to really reduce the workload for the service guys at Onewheel HQ.

    4. A better app dammit! One that does it all...everything from #2, 3, 4 and 9 from my prior list. Add to that list; user board feedback with alerts to check tire, replace footpads, service motor, check battery, etc. The app could display the tire pressure with the addition of a tiny sensor. It could also give FM feedback as to average speed ridden, distance ridden, range, board errors, etc. to help them with design improvements/warranty claims.

    5. "Alexa, tell Jenny's Onewheel to notify me when charged."

    6. More Evehicles. The Onewheel is the best. More would be betterer.
      a) A Onewheel-like board with counter-rotating mag-lev flywheels on both sides of the board. Flywheels would add more stability, and more weight...but not too much more, and perhaps more efficiency. They could be geared to the hub motor. This may or may not add kinetic energy storage more efficiently than the battery and regenerative braking, which could extend the range. Not sure. I don't want to do the math. The flywheels would add stability if FM wanted to experiment with a thinner, lighter tire. I'd just like to ride it.
      b) A two wheel scooter/skateboard version with smaller, thinner, lighter tires that rides like a skateboard but is more similar to a scooter in design. A rocker platform with a fulcrum in the center of the scooter would control forward and backward motion. It would ride like a Onewheel but offer a more stable feel because of two contact points with the ground. The board would be slightly longer (but could swing horizontally to fold in half). Again...a blatant violation of the Onewheel prime directive.
      c) An upside down arched frame Onewheel that could sit lower on the center of the wheel and flare up toward the ends of the board. This could help prevent front edge catches while off-roading without raising the level of the footpads...that much. It would also help the rider lock into their riding stance with angled footpads much like the Onewheel+.
      d) A Onewheel with deck mounted, catamaran-like skis that can be used with a treaded tire in the snow on the flats for a true snowboard-like experience. FM guys...I WANT YOU TO WORK ON THIS ONE! I want a true electric snowboard. I need that Tokyo Drift baby.
      e) An Off-road Onewheel with roll cage, roll bar, KC lights, CB radio, gun rack, fog lights, mud tires, trailer hitch, and truck nuts.

    7. Customer Service: Service hubs at Best Buys across the country. Best Buy sells the Onewheel. It would be great to be able to get one serviced at any Best Buy.

    8. Marketing: More Future Motion sponsored Onewheel competitions and gatherings: Timed Trail rides, Speed course, Freestyle riding, Synchronized Dance Team, Onewheel Gladiator Battle Course (Nerf weapons and T-shirt canons), Onewheel Jousting, Downhill Course, and Ninja Board Course.

    9. Marketing: FM sponsored Meetup Groups in major cities. Encouraging OWners to get out and ride is the best advertising for the Onewheel.

  • @Hamasvjnga #24: How are they going to make a more durable tire than a professional GoKart tire? Most people are getting over 1,000 miles on theirs, so yours shouldn't give out at 500, unless either you're riding at a lower psi than you said, or you weigh 300lbs.

  • #23 - A big point of the plus is to get people to upgrade! This sounds counter-intuitive to sales.
    #24 - nah. You should get at least 1000 like @thegreck said.
    #25 - good idea!
    #26 - they just got a new app.... I love it!
    #27 - The new app does this already.
    #28 - Most of what is on this list is an R&D nightmare. It's so expensive to create new products. I'm just looking for Swappable Batteries in a year or two. Everything else you're asking would take a decade to R&D let alone deliver.
    #29- Sounds complicated.
    I whole heartedly agree with #30 & 31. I would be all over community events. The whisper of Race for the Rail on Onewheel's instagram the other day got me SO stoked. These events would be SO good for the community.
    #31 is already happening! Well, not sponsored events, but local ride groups. I hear you though, It would be cool if FM would do more with events all over the country. Maybe sometime in the future!

  • @slydogstroh I agree #29 is definitely complicated. You can buy a shit-ton of big-ticket items at Best Buy, all made by different companies. Refrigerators, washers and dryers, TVs, stereos, etc. Doesn't mean they should be expected to service all of them. It's Best Buy, not Best Fix.

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