Onewheel acting funny. When to send in for tune up?

  • Within my last 10 rides over the last week, my OW has just shut off on me which lead to some hard falls. I have no idea why. I usually wear boots with a small heel.

    It's got 129 miles on it.

    I've road it hard I think:

    Off curbs
    Off road everywhere
    Crashed and it's flipped several times

    Board still seems to ride and function great, but these last 2 random cut offs have scared me.

    The most recent one was after a puddle. Went through it fine with no fender then a yard later it just stopped to which I landed on the concrete.

    How do I know if it user error or if I should send it in?

  • @zonk117 Be sure to update to the newest version of the official app, and start it up and link it to your board before you start riding. Wear flat shoes to be sure you're keeping pressure on both sensors (you didn't say it was a OW+ so I have to assume it's the original version).

    If it happens again, the app will tell you if it happened due to pressure coming off the sensors. (You'd either need to lose pressure on both sensors at the same time, or if it's just one you'd have to be barely moving for the motor to cut out.) If it turns out to be the sensors, then either it's your shoes, your stance, or something could be wrong with the sensors.

  • I bet it's the heeled boots.

  • Try with flat shoes for a few rides, I would never ride with heeled shoes or boots.

  • Need flat shoes I did a little bit of a experiment with my buddy and his OW we had a couple shoes and ones with small heels or big heels would do the same so flat skate shoes work the best and that's all I use, anything else the board feels less responsive and does what you explained, also I've had better experiences crashing with flat shoes as you can run out the OW if you fall easier, heeled boots or small heel shoes make it more difficult and you will mess up your elbows or in my case break your helmet in two...
    I always wear vans low-top to mid-top vans that you can get for 40 bucks or sometimes less on amazon work great for this purpose reason I say no high top is the ankle support sometimes trips you up I rode hightops for a bit and I fell a lot more than I do now so something like this0_1490114579313_Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 10.42.36 AM.png
    I found that shoe on the vans site for 60 dollars you could get something similar for cheap on amazon. These shoes are the Chukka Low if your interested.

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