Important for Australians

  • FM told me that I needed to apply for a "Road Permit" with the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development before they would send my board. It cost $50 bucks. I applied and was approved but the agency told me that based on the brochure that FM provided I did not need the permit.

    I'm thinking FM needs to figure this out before they are requiring people (like me) to apply for these permits before they ship their boards. If you haven't heard me complain already I was one of the first three people to order the OW+ (waiting at 2am to order) and have yet to receive my board.

  • how long did it take for a response?

  • About two weeks. But again, the approval came with a statement suggesting it was not required because OW is not a road vehicle.

  • Got my response today, like you said..we didn't need it. :P

  • @loudeezy That's insane! It's not up to FM to check whether or not people have permits or if they need them. It's not a firearm. And they don't even know if the person buying it will be the one riding it, or if they live where they ordered it from, or if they plan to resell it.

    Just take the money and send people their board, let them deal with the law.

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