Where are my Tampa area riders?

  • To the Riverwalk and beyond.......

    Tampa is ONEWHEEL's super-playground!! I'm awaiting my ONEWHEEL+ and looking for fellow riders to hook up with! If you're out there let me know and if not let's start our group right here right now!

  • @mysticasphalt I am in downtown St. Pete, and yes it is a Onewheel paradise. I have only seen two other Onewheels on the streets here. It's funny, because everyone downtown seems to know who I am because of the Onewheel. I get stopped constantly with questions.

  • St Pete here... Mine is on order.. May supposedly. I also have an Evolve Bamboo GT that is already here.

  • Cool! Let's ride together when we both get ours in. I bid on a used Onewheel plus last night on Ebay and lost to a higher bid. I was a little nervous about buying one used anyways! I'll just patiently wait for May I guess. The weather is perfect right now for riding all over this area!!!!

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