Battery life

  • Hi All,

    I have two questions related to the battery life.

    1. Is there any to preserve the battery during winter time ( when we barely use it)?
    2. I found a second hand onewheel, which is still in the box. Is there any risk on the battery? like that it won't keep the charge as long as when it was built, or anything else?

    Thanks for your support,

  • @ben27

    If it's sitting for couple months, shouldn't be a problem but might wanna run it couple times for cycle.

    I sell electric scooters and it can sit for a year or so and the battery will be fine,
    unless it's sitting for years where it can just die.

  • If you charge and use battery regularly and maintain it works fine.

  • FM claims the battery will lose about 9% capacity every 1000 cycles (a lot). I passed that mark long ago and my 🔋 is still doing great. I don't think I've lost more than 5% capacity, so I think 9% is worst case.

  • @snwbrdwndsrf I agree with snwb and by that time, Its probably better to change the battery or something LOL

  • You've probably seen my mileage on the leaderboards.. I'm at 3409 miles now and the battery is doing great! It's in the 30's here in Chicago and I still get 5-6 miles per charge in this weather. Hoping to still get 7+ in the summer! It's amazing really... :)

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