Onewheel vs dogs

  • Last summer I was cruising the beach very close to the water.. didn't notice the pack of pups close behind.. long story short I ended up in the ocean 🤣🤣 rode the board completely submerged for maybe 8-10 feet.. still works with no issues

  • Im pretty much the Onewheeled Pied Pipper when it comes to dogs..

    I generally have to turn around and return them to their owners as they just seem to follow me for miles otherwise, pretty sure they see me as some kind of pack leader n just follow..

    But i love dogs so it's cool...

  • I've taken my OW through dog runs in CP a couple times and it's hilarious. Just like the pied piper -- surrounded by a yapping howling mob, following me as far as they can. But have never been bitten -- they get close but keep their distance.

  • Dogs freak out at me ALL THE TIME here in Lincoln Park. I actually got one following me on camera the other day, so a Instagram post is coming! The pup looks really happy and just followed me with a ball in his mouth! He was a cute one.
    I have been bitten by a dog while on the OW before too though... It was really bad actually, the dog was huge and he took a chunk out of my leg. I think he was protecting his owner as I was booking it on the sidewalk and they came out of nowhere... I braked as hard as I could and stopped right in front of them and the dog lunged forward and got me. This is why I ride in the street like a biker and not on the sidewalk!

  • Never had an issue here with other dogs, and my dog LOVES running trails (off-leash mostly, though he's good through town on it, too) with me on the wheel. Oddly, sometimes when I'm cruising around the yard he'll chase and bark at it.

  • You know it's funny you mention that - usually if I'm not on the Onewheel I'm riding my electric unicycles... and believe me if the handler doesn't realize i'm passing by the dogs will start chasing me... I've been chased by dogs plenty of times...

    I just think its the lights... who knows...

  • Yeah, I get chased on both my uni and the onewheel. I tend to cough or clear my throat when I'm coming up behind them so that both of them look back. Usually the dog tries to lunge or turn around before I get close and the owner reigns them in.

    My pup, on the other hand, loves to run alongside. He's a heeler, so like @sonny123's it's a fantastic way to tire him out before bedtime.

  • Yes.

    I got attacked by a black lab (of all dogs) who actually got a good chunk of the back of my thigh. This dog was sitting with about 6 other dogs under a table at a coffee shop without a leash and jumped out and bit me, covering a distance of about 15 feet in what felt like a second. I was going at a pretty good clip of 10-12 mph too. I had passed these dogs several times with not so much as a raised head. There was a little yapper dog freaking out that hadn't been in the pack before, maybe that set him off.


  • I have a theory about this. I believe the motor sounds like a growl to the dog.

    I wonder if dogs will be less freaked out with the +?

  • @brianlavalle don't have a big enough sample yet, but seems so.

  • if you just turn your board on and put your ear up to it you can barley hear a high pitched sound coming out of the motor this is probably what the dogs are reacting too

  • @jew_fro_1009 said in Onewheel vs dogs:

    if you just turn your board on and put your ear up to it you can barley hear a high pitched sound coming out of the motor this is probably what the dogs are reacting too

    We need ....SCIENCE!

    I'll try to find a mic capable of capturing up to the 20 kHz range and see how noisy the V1 is started and in motion.

  • @jefflynn I slow down enough to put the owner at ease (and make friendly eye contact), and usually if the owner is at ease then the dog is too.

  • @tony420121 A timeless thread, dog attacks Onewheel rider. It happened yesterday, February 25, 2020 on a rural road in Northeast Ohio. The dog was loose, the owner putting out his tote for trash pick-up. I waved and said, "Hi." The owner gave me a genial, "Hi. How you doing?" And I heard the dog bark. Then barking very excitedly. In my rear view mirror (Take-a-Look bicycle eyeglasses clip-on) here comes the dog as fast and intent as its legs could carry it -- and gaining on me. That surprised me. Fumbling in my coat pocket I pulled out my "HALT!" dog repellant. In the couple seconds it took to find it and get my finger on the nozzle button I could feel the dog repeatedly nipping at my pant leg. Down and back I sprayed a couple times. Not sure what to expect, here is what happened: No howl, no whine, no bark of surprise -- just a cessation of chase. The dog stopped, moved its head like trying to get away from an annoying fly, and walked away. Glad I was to have had the spray in my pocket, and that it worked well even after a year in there. Later I passed by again, this time with the dog repellant at the ready in my hand -- but all I got was a single bark from a safe distance away. I had picked up the "HALT!" dog repellant at a bike shop, and they said it was the same one that the mail carriers use -- for me on this occasion it worked great!

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