New App vs Old App, digital Shaping difference?

  • 2 weeks I have been testing switching modes old app in Android vs New App in iOS,
    When I select the modes in Android (old app) the board is fast and strong, when changing in iOS , the board is slow and Elevated mode pushes back too hard... can you confirm?

  • @eduardoarburola That would be interesting!

  • The app has leaked

  • This post is deleted!

  • @eduardoarburola Yes, switching modes in the new iOS app has killed the performance of my board. It's slow, no power, weak breaking, doesn't balance well, almost no pushback in Extreme mode (this is bad when I try to accelerate it wants to nose dive). I need to find someone with an Android phone to see if I can fix it. I don't even want to ride my OW now. This sucks.

    Update: After a quick Google search I was able to figure out how to download and install the previous version (1.2.7) of the Onewheel app. It worked! So far the performance of the board is back to the way it was before the update. Be wary of updating to the new app if you have a V1 board.

  • I've experienced no difference at all. I don't see how an app that tells the board what mode based on the firmware already loaded on the board could affect anything.

  • Just count the flashes and see what mode it's in...You dont need the app to change modes..

  • @parrothd I tried that as well. I really don't know what could have changed between the apps but looking at the Onewheel Facebook group I'm not the only one experiencing this.

  • Note: new iOS app update released today

  • So it seams like there was an update for iOS Onewheel today. Would you download and see how performance is compared to the android app?

  • @iiikz any noticeable changes ?

  • @braswell No noticeable changes, but I haven't observed any of the reported issues. I only commented on how they could exist with the multiple versions and firmware revs in the field.

    Update indicates it was "bug fixes."

  • I just rode the V1 on the new app. The new ride update is REALLY DIFFERENT and NOT BETTER. The V1 feels a lot weaker, slower and more tippy. To the point of not being nearly as enjoyable.

    Onewheel - I really hope you go back to what you had before or do something better. Love you, but this kind of sucks, sorry.

  • I've noticed a few bugs. My watch doesn't always connect with the board as it used to. My board's lifetime odometer reading is different depending on whether I'm on "My Board" or "Board Settings" screens. I can't record a trip in "Rides". But the most annoying thing: What are these seemingly random numbers that appear on the "Leaderboard" screen at the bottom in blue beneath where it says "Reset Top Speed"??? They have no relevance to my stats!

  • @Gosha
    maybe they did this to create a bigger difference between the 2 boards .leaving us wanting the plus even more ;)

  • Was thinking EXACTLY the same thing. The new mode is really disspointing, OW. PLEASE change it back!

  • @Rado Where did you find out? Is there a link to the old version? I'm on iOS and hoping there is an old version somewhere

  • @Gosha Google "how to download old app version iOS". Or you can find someone with an android phone, have them download the official OW app, sync your board to it and cycle through the shaping modes and then put it on Extreme and leave it. The Android version hasn't been updated yet. Maybe un-sync your board from the new iOS app first and delete it. I was able to revert back to the old iOS app (1.2.7) before the digital shaping 2.0 and once I felt my board was back to normal I just continue using the OWheelBuddy app instead of the OW app.

  • @Gosha
    i hope not and like to think it is a development stage...I think it also happened with the V1...differences in apps....they should know what the differences will be or are aimed maybe they should list some characteristics in a discription and a feedback score?..

  • I think you guys are crazy. I've had my board for three years, and I know it like the back of my hand. I have the new app, and it didn't change a thing. I'm sorry, but I really feel like it's in your heads. The board has firmware that isn't changed by simply selecting the riding mode in the app. I've done firmware updates on my board two years ago when FM actually sent out a riding curve update. This was a process in which you downloaded the update, and it sent it to the board via Bluetooth while the board was on. It instructed you to not ride or touch the board until the update was done. That my friends is what a riding curve update looks like. An app update alone doesn't change anything on the board.

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