Should we use a leash? A story of a board almost in the intercoastal Indian river.

  • Just heard from the urgent care. I chipped a bone in my wrist during this incident. Nothing serious.. just means wearing a brace for a while hopefully. Just posting here to all as a reminder to wear wrist protection. I was not (obviously) but will from now on when riding on concrete.

  • @callenj357 sprained both of my wrists yesterday in second day of board ownership

  • @golfer17 man sorry to hear that. did you get them x-rayed? i thought mine was just a sprain.. and did not go to urgent care until a day after. I went only because it was cheap with my insurance ($25 copay) and i wanted to be sure i did not have any small breaks. The doc at urgent care said he did not see any obvious breaks.. but they send the xrays to a specialist for a closer look. Got the call today that i did indeed chip a bone.. so now i am waiting for an orthopedic referral... ugh.

    So if you can get them x-rayed easily.. i would do it to be safe. I did not have much swelling at all.. which is why i thought mine was just a sprain. If they do not heal properly you can lose some mobility.

    And i will be wearing my wrist braces.. at least when riding on concrete from now on. (and now my wife gets to say i told you so a lot to me... grrrrrr).

  • Brothers and sisters of onewheel this sometimes brutal initiation is eventually a blessing in disguise. Whatever lumps you take from the onewheel, provided you heal and jump back on, will only make you a better rider. My wife and I both got served pretty early on and laid open a knee and skinned some palms. It ultimately just reinforces mindfulness that will serve your instincts and reaction time. It's my theory that you are storing massive amounts of data and muscle memory every time you hop on. The onewheel has some kind of magnet that sucks your consciousness down from your wack ass brain into your center of gravity and limbs. Its Sunday and Im talking about getting into the spirit people. Onewheeling is my religeon!

  • @callenj357 Do you know what the treatment is for a chipped bone? Am wondering if I can just keep it in a splint until it feels better..

  • @golfer17 i really wouldn't want you to assume that is all you have man. it depends on what bone and if it is chipped or broken.. badly or hairline.. it can range from a wrist splint for 2-3 weeks or a cast including thumb. Some bones in the wrist have better blood flow than others and heal much quicker.

    if you are hurting, i would have them xrayed just to be sure.

  • @callenj357 Thanks for the insight - wrist was fractured. Now cast is on it and should be getting better

  • @golfer17 damn man. really sorry you fractured it.. but very glad you went and had it checked out. hopefully it is not too bad of a break and heals quickly.

  • I reckon it would have been fine in a little water. I've taken mine to the beach, ridden through some pretty deep water and put it under the shower to get the sand off afterwards...

  • @callenj357 Also, definitely get any injury checked by a doctor. A friend broke his elbow but had no idea until he went to the doc for the swelling around what he thought was a bruise...

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