An update'ish on order #74**

  • Just trying to imagine, for some its like being on a waiting list for a heart transplant and others can just ride it out.

    I have lived long enough to understand that " In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." Ben F.

  • @COKids said in An update'ish on order #74**:

    @s2kboy couldn't agree more with you! I personally purchased the OW+ as a birthday gift for my son. It is extremely frustrating to not have any updates from FM as to a realistic shippping date.

    you should probably just go ahead and buy a V1 for him which will become yours when the plus arrives

  • @CBR-954rr sure! Good idea! Hey can I borrow a few bucks? I think $1,000 should do it . ;-)

  • Has anyone received shipping notices this week? Shipping again but I don't many happy posters who received notice. I'd be happy just see progress on shipments.

  • @Eliminator Yeah I was hoping to see some posts about shipment notifications, but except for maybe 1 or 2, I feel like I haven't seen any in 2 weeks. I am about 50 away from the highest number posted so far, but still I wait, impatiently!

  • @e-ball There seems to be a pattern emerging from comments to "stop whining": they usually refer to OW as a toy.

    I'd like to remind them that OW can also be purchased for utilitarian reasons. It is a personal transportation device, after all. And the best/most convenient way to quickly get around in the city.

  • @SeattleCommuter It's true. I'd go crazy without my OW to get places in Chicago. Last time I had to send it in to FM I paid for overnight delivery and it ended up being gone just 4 days. It was a tough 4 days. Glad I'll have my PLUS as a backup now!

  • @COKids said in An update'ish on order #74**:

    @CBR-954rr sure! Good idea! Hey can I borrow a few bucks? I think $1,000 should do it . ;-)

    I'd lend it to you but $3,200 of my disposable income is already tied up with nothing to show for it....

  • @SeattleCommuter We personally use it for recreation only, so to us it's just a play thing. A great one if it matters.

    But , recently at a Hyatt Resort
    I had a confrontation(friendly kine) with the security guards and said whoa "dats wat we need!" Apparently they were seriously looking into getting some utilitarian scooter to cover more grounds. They were so serious they had to get the boss and show her what I had been riding.

    We talked a bit about how I can out manuveur their golf carts and so on .

    So there may be other purpose for the One Wheel , regardless we all need to stand in line to get one .

  • @fruitygreen I never said there's anything wrong with getting a OW just for fun. My point is simply that the wait can be harder for some than others.

    But mostly, I believe people are 100% allowed to express their discontent without getting talked down to. It's a good thing to have an avenue for upset customers to vent their anger. It's cathartic and makes the wait a little more bearable.

  • V1 rocks.
    I don't need no damn extra few miles.
    Then again, maybe not...

  • @CBR-954rr said in An update'ish on order #74**:

    you should probably just go ahead and buy a V1 for him which will become yours when the plus arrives

    Does anyone know if the V1's are shipping? In all honestly, I'd cancel my order for a OW+ with no delivery date in sight (order #100xx) and order a OW if I knew it'd be here before summer.

  • @skyman88 ASAIK they are. If you don't need OW+ I'd definitely do that.

  • @skyman88 A V1 would be at your door in a week! Send me a message and I can have FM to send you a free fender with a v1 too ;)

  • @SeattleCommuter There are 3 OWv1's at my local Best Buy. You may want to check a store near you if you don't mind paying full price for an original.

  • @SeattleCommuter said in An update'ish on order #74**:

    ASAIK they are. If you don't need OW+ I'd definitely do that.

    I've been interested in OW since Kick Starter but never pulled the trigger. Then I saw a whole slew of ads recently online and made the decision to get the latest and greatest; Ferrari vs GTI according to their promo video... but I'll take a GTI now over a promise of a Ferrari someday.

    @slydogstroh let me think this over tonight but more and more I like the idea of having something to ride for the summer.

  • @skyman88 or find a dealer, Aaron Pope stated on FB they are trying to get dealers stocked first and his stock should be in the next batch. Not sure if he has any not accounted for, but he is having them shipped directly to his customers.

  • I'll be p!$$30 if they were stocking dealer shelves before filling the already paid pioneer orders.

  • @SeattleCommuter so there are people out there who pre-ordered a product that would be their primary mode of transportation without a backup plan? Umm, ok.

    Hey, I get it. People like to complain and play the victim. It's just not me. This is not an essential product, it's a luxury item. I understand the disappointment in a moving shipping date but I see no point in the constant complaining. It looks like I'm in the minority. All good.

  • @e-ball my thoughts exactly.. I'll be happily enjoying my V1 till then(and even after as a backup).. waiting on preorders is nothing new to me.. have done it so many times now I have lost count nor do I care as long as they deliver.. I know what I signed up for.. delays are almost certain in most cases with electric rideables..either way I'm hella happy once things do ship..I know waiting sucks be patient I'm sure it will be worth the wait if the V1 is anything to go by.. or just cancel nobody is holding your money hostage.. just means mine will ship that much faster.

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