"Axial shimmy fixed by OW support"

  • Hello,

    I am searching for other costumers concerned by an excessive axial wheel schimmy fixed by the warranty support service,

    Please inspect your wheel bearing and joint to see if they do apply the same treatment on your board.

    They simply bump on it to erase the shimmy.....

    But now with the time the joint is dry and the water can easily enter into the engine.

    2 times batteries down and now the engine is also down,

    They were saying to me this is just cosmetic..........

    2 months investigations and after a lots of efforts they admit the water is entering by this way, but according to them its my fault....i have done something wrong to my board and i 'm responsible of this bump on the bearing !!

    Please send me yours pics if you are concerned by this tecnical wrong support solution.

    I dont want to pay 800$ for battery+engine.

    I need some proof to let them in front of their wrong actions and responsability.

    alt text
    alt text

    Thank you

  • @mattheus no offense but looks like you did do something wrong.

  • I also simply bump on it to erase the shimmy, but only on the dance floor.

  • If you are sure they did this to your board then they are responsible for this, try and talk to them on the phone they might be more understanding that way when they hear that they did that to your board and that the result of them doing that to your board has caused other problems. I haven't had this problem on my board, one question, have you heavily modified other parts of your board added concave pads a side handle different wheel? If you have I bet they are just saying those would be contributing to your problems. I doubt that is the case but I think getting a hold of someone over the phone would be helpful. Hope this gets resolved.

  • @mattheus was this a kick starter board?

  • Not a kick starter one -> my is #3614

    I dont know if is the bump is "the" technical solution or if it was made accidentally by a wrong action during the fixing process.

    The board came back in that state after the first warranty service regarding excessive axial shimmy (compared to 2 other boards), pad runaway and light problem.

    We notice this bump on the bearing whitout really taking care of it as a dangerous water entry.

    According to the support service that was just cosmetic.....and after my insistance and a second battery burned they admit to investigate the engine for finally find a bad state engine............

    Please inspect your board and send me some pics of your bearing if you are concerned by the same problem.....

    If i'm the only one to get this after an axial fixing and without any other existing case to give a proof ..........i dont have any other choice to forget my board or pay the heavy bill !

  • Your fighting an uphill battle as far as warranty goes.. problem your gonna have is proving you didn't damage it yourself prior to sending it in.. Future motion is pretty good about honoring their warranty except when abuse/neglect is the cause of the problem or it's a wear and tear part that has to be replaced anyways at some point like the foot pads for example.. as was suggested before call and try to escalate the situation.. might have better luck then email.

    Good luck! let us know how it goes.

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