International flight : onewheel on board ?

  • Hey,

    I will be coming for a month in Washington DC from Paris, France in June.
    Company is Icelandair (stop over in Reykjavik).

    Since i will need to board 4 times with this company, I need to be sure if I can bring the onewheel or not.

    Has anyone experienced international flight with Icelandair & Onewheel ?

    Thanks !


  • I think the consensus is not to risk flying with it, rather to ship the board ahead of you. If you can't get it here, I'm close to DC and will soon have 2 boards. Good courage to you!

  • @Hubbitron Thanks!

    I actually had several emails from the company, they told me they went on the website to download the manual, sent it to their security department, and the result is:... Forbidden.

    Too bad. Yep their is the option to use a cargo flight... huge cost.

    Idea: Future Motion must have a contract with UPS for overseas deliveries and maintenance. Maybe they could offer us a good price when we travel !

    I am going to ask them :)

  • I'll take a shot at solving this. Contact Onewheel DC on Facebook. I bet they have a board waiting for you to rent. We are a good tribe of people. Our brothers and sisters cannot not ride when away from home. Leave your baby at home and enjoy DC...

    Edit: I messaged them for you. I will let you know what they say.

  • @Earthpilot Excellent, thanks! Please let me know.

    On my side I contacted Future Motion Support to propose them to launch a new service: use their UPS/Fedex account to offer a discounted cargo flight so we could travel the world with our onewheel :)

    Future Motion was very fast and kind to reply but the answer is unfortunately "not possible":

    "FedEx requires an IATA that requires us to have any shipments shipped through our account packaged by a certified IATA member. We are unable to use our account on shipments not compliant to these requirements."

    As I dont see a difference with a customer shipping its board for repair, i just asked and wait for an explanation.

    Will see...


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