OW app and Android Wear / Apple Watch

  • I would love to have a battery life and speedometer display on my Moto 360 smart watch. It would be awesome to look at my wrist and see how much battery life I have left. The speedometer would just be a cool bonus. This would be much safer and easier than opening the app on my phone while riding. Since this product is not cheap, though totally worth the money, I'm willing to bet there are quite a few owners who have some type of smart watch. Just my two cents.

  • @fiend138 Yessir!

    Have a Moto 360 as well and would love to have speed/ battery status at a glance.

  • I don't think it would be too hard to add it in for both Android and Apple. The author of pOnewheel did open source everything. I might try being less lazy and just build one. Still an official one would be cool.


  • @fiend138

    I've noticed that they offer this for the apple watch and the app is constantly being updated on the apple store. It's frustrating that they're ignoring Android users. Iphone and apple watch owners get the following:

    • Low battery alert
    • Regeneration alert (battery overcharge warning when going downhill)
    • Point of no return message (50% battery charge left)
    • Battery fully charged notification
    • New top speed message
    • Wheelslip detection
    • Consumption display: tells you how much percentage of a full battery charge you have already burned
    • Regeneration display: tells you how much percentage of a full battery charge you have regenerated (when going downhill or braking)
    • Estimated remaining range according to your current riding profile
    • Total odometer display
    • Speed display
    • Board live movement display: shows the movement of your board
    • Auto connect to your favorite Onewheel
    • Board name: give your Onewheel a name
    • Apple Watch app
    • Social sharing and online leaderboards
    • GPS track recording

    I'd like to be able to get these features on my Nixon Mission android watch but considering how the main phone app has never really been updated I'm not expecting much.

  • @fiend138
    OW'n with a smart watch adds great value (AppleWatch - Nike). The main one being a more heads up approach (forward Looking) with a glance down at the Battery %. Notifications are a real plus to know when to turn around and head back at 50%. I find that I get lost in the ride.....

  • I considered purchasing an Apple Watch for this purpose but was uncertain whether it could be worn with wrist guards..

  • @PavementMatador
    On the Nike model band I expand it to fit up my arm above the K2 wrist gaurds. Works great for me.

  • wanted to check on this...has there been any update on this watch supporting the ow app ?

  • @wellsyaknow

    Are you checking on the Android or iOS watch app? The app works great on iOS. I have not used and Android Wear watch so could not comment.

  • @wellsyaknow I have been using it on every ride for several years on various Wear OS watches connected to various Android phones.

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