How to fix a punctured Onewheel tire by Wren!

  • This is wren. He would like to be introduced to the Onewheel community. He has created a simple solution to fixing a punctured Onewheel tire. In the name of science, he has punched 2 holes in his tire. Thank you Wren. Your Onewheel sacrifice is greatly appreciated.

    Sam and Niko Channel

  • Thank you for your sacrifice wren maybe we don't have to buy new tires when we get holes.

  • OK. WTF. What are these kids doing for a living? And how do I do this for a living?

  • @mekon lol they are YouTubers/film makers(short films).. I don't think they make a ton but I know it's based on your subscriber base, video view count etc.. considering they have a decent warehouse space and employees they must do well..I originally heard of onewheel thru Sam and Niko's channel before I bought my V1.

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