Future Motion, I need more pushback

  • @Earthpilot Did you do anything to it? Are you still using the newest iOS app? I'm excited to get home and try my board and see if it's fixed itself!

  • @Rado All I did was turn it on and ride it.

  • @Earthpilot I mean, were you connected to the iOS app? How did you measure your speed. I'm wondering if anything was done to the app that would have affected the board performance today. I rode last night and was still having problems.

  • @Rado I was connected to the Android app while riding but I also have the ios app on my old iphone that records my mileage for the leaderboard. I don't usually ride with it. Could them tweaking the Android app have something to do with the software or firmware or whatever of the board? IT guys/ computer savvy if you could chime in on this.

  • @Earthpilot The new un-released Android app or the previous version? I'm just trying to think of why your board has become more responsive all of a sudden.

  • @Earthpilot said in Future Motion, I need more pushback:

    Could them tweaking the Android app have something to do with the software or firmware or whatever of the board? IT guys/ computer savvy if you could chime in on this.

    There hasn't been an update to the Android app recently so that's unlikely.

  • Today I went to the gym on my board with the same bag and immediately noticed the sluggish response and all of the other things I posted at the top. I had a couple new things happen as well. I got to cruising speed around 14 or 15 and the motor started freewheeling intermittently for a short period of time. I am getting the low battery 45 degree angle pushback at times now too. I turn the board off and on again and it is fine for awhile. I come to an intersection, dismount, wait for the light and go to start again and the board goes nose down to the ground like it's off. I turn it off, back on and it's fine again. Grrrr.... I wonder what tomorrow will bring? It will probably pull away from cars off the light, sigh...

  • @Earthpilot Yeah... sounds more and more like you've got a hardware issue on your hands.

  • @Earthpilot
    That sucks for your trust and fun with ure board:(:(...I would leave it to FM if you can, and get it back fresh!?for a new start :)

  • @Earthpilot That sucks. That happened to me last night too. I was stopped and got on my board and when I went to take off it just nosedived like the board wasn't even on. The funny thing is I was talking to some people who had stopped me to ask me about the Onewheel. I was telling them how awesome it was and when I went to ride away, nosedive! I think I'm gonna send my board in to get fixed. I've only ridden it 100 miles so far. I'm really hoping this isn't normal. I can't imagine having to fix my board every 100 miles.

  • I think I am going to hold out and not send my board in for now. I have put some mileage on it since i got it so maybe it is time to pull my grip tape up again, check the health of my sensor and make some new foot pads. I may be running into issues with my battery pack and my motor assembly as well since these parts have to have a lifespan. Does anyone know the lifespan of some of the parts on our boards? Say for the motor assembly or the battery pack? I have never kept my board plugged in for 48 hours to balance the batteries as some have suggested so I might try that too if I can stop riding. I don't think i will able to balance the batteries. Scratch the last Idea ;)

  • No backpack today or yesterday afternoon and she's running well. I was giving the uneven sidewalk the business tonight topping out around 16.7 mph. I can't wait to install my Gimble GoPro idea on my board to record these rides. I'll take pictures of the mount that I am going to construct when I'm done.

  • @Earthpilot my V1 was cutting in and out while riding a few weeks ago. I peeled up the grip, cleaned the sensor with a damp rag, the re-applied fresh grip with the paper backing over the sensor. It fixed the issue.

  • @jeffmccosker I have noticed some bubbling under my grip tape so I am going to replace it, thanks Jeff

  • @Earthpilot order some Viscious grip tape. It's more coarse so it will last longer.

  • @jeffmccosker I have some Black Diamond left and i will get some Vicious when I wear this out, thanks

  • I rode today with my charger in my cargo pants and I had no issues like I was having. I would like the board and charging to be consistent buy I have gotten used to the inconsistencies like the board running out of steam at 53% and now I see the consumption hitting 60 something and I'm still running at 30 something left in the batteries. It;s good that I am gauging my distance by the app and I haven't had to walk too terribly far, except that one time I hoofed it over a mile until i found an outlet. Ahh good times anyway right?

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