Onewheel+ at speed: a word of caution.

  • @snwbrdwndsrf thanks for the warning! When does pushback kick in for you? Someone in another recent thread said 15mph.

  • @Snurfer I've heard 15 mph but I haven't felt push back yet and have gone 20+

    I keep saying this because I'm concerned that I'm either not feeling it or that it's just not happening... Are you guys riding straight? Because I've found if you slalom the board doesn't push back

  • @Snurfer It's more gradual than the v1, starts at around 15 mph then increases gradually until it feels like you're going to drag the tail. Then it gives up.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL this post is intended to warn people, not encourage them. People will do what they wanna do, I just thought I'd give others a heads up and perhaps encourage a few to get some safety gear. That is all.

  • @tonyrumans

    I'm not sure in what reality you clowns think I have the power or authority to "police" how people use their boards...

    However.... Let's think about this for a minute and depending on the developmental level of your brain, previous level of concussion, number times dropped on your head as a child or injuries on other board sports, whatever lets go over the following.

    1. Board was built with a motor that when it hits its limits causes failure which leads to immediate stopping. Newton Says, Board stops.. Human on board keeps going. Injury results.
    2. Pushback implemented to let you know when imminent Motor failure is coming.
      So, Conclusion... Pushing through the pushback is asking begging to cause the unit to fail catastrophically.... We are talking here about the V1... Not the V2.. this, according tot he description above is fixed in the V2.

    Which is why.... The poster.... Uses the extreme and I believe accurate literary device dumbasses to point out the readers... especially those who may not be familiar with the back story here.. (if you are. Then read on, ignore the post. Ignore all my posts, WTF do I care?) I don't believe any of you people that post you go 110 miles an hour because none of you have posted videos of you doing it... no one.... isn't that amazing.... alll those super speedsters and not a god damn one of you has a friend with a camera. Showing you with some sort of frame of reference of how fast your actually going so we can see that its really that fast and not just 15 mph with umpfh. Or. Your cheating getting pulled, using a treadmill. Or whatever. I don't know, Honestly I really don't care. I'm sure you 100lb ers can push the thing much faster than I can. I get that, makes sense. But I don't want people thinking that it's the norm......

    And even more stupid people coming on here and saying, well I want to crash at 19mph, on asphalt, cause I like breaking bones, cause otherwise you don't know your alive man. To each his own. If that isn't the definition of a dumbass.. I'm not sure what is.

    Its a cool board, there is plenty of risk involved when used safely. Hit a dip. Hit a change in surface type. Go off-roading... there are all kinds of ways to hurt yourself on this thing while not trying to be jackass on purpose.... There are all kinds of ways to push the limits of what it can do while not trying to be a jack ass on purpose. My MAIN point is not to give the idea too the people who don't know better. the NEWBS.... that "pushing through the pushback" because I have spoken to some of them.... who we're confused about the issue.... that its something that's a good idea.... GOT IT?

  • Gave up 2 lines in...couldn't do it...

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL Thanks for the personal attack. More name calling and policing.

    Do everyone a favor and stop responding. It's no one's fault but your own that you are admittedly overweight and uncoordinated. I'll work on getting some video evidence if it quits raining in Missouri but until then I recommend you resign from taking the responsibility to warn people of the hazards of riding fast.

    We're not dumbasses if we fully understand the consequences and risks involved in doing so but still choose to push the limits. Crawl back inside your safety net and go back to sleep. You're causing a ruckus

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL dude. Calm down. You said what you had to say... now you're getting unhinged. You're also hijacking this dude's post. Want to discuss and warn others about safety, go ahead and start a new thread. No one will get mad at you for that. Now you're just hectoring people for no reason. Maybe take some time and go for a ride.

  • @snwbrdwndsrf said in Onewheel+ at speed: a word of caution.:

    @Snurfer It's more gradual than the v1, starts at around 15 mph then increases gradually until it feels like you're going to drag the tail. Then it gives up.

    That's disturbing. OW support distinctively told me that I would be able to cruise at 18-19 without pushback on the OW+

  • @sidebox that wouldn't be consistent with V1 where the pushback kicks in at 80% of top speed. Pushback kicking in at 15mph on the plus would be consistent with the V1.

  • @sidebox I wouldn't worry too much, the pushback is pretty minimal until you push past 18 miles an hour.

  • I thought max speed would be 19mph(allready awesome) so pushback would be at a lower speed......probably 17mph...and now we learn FM gave us 5mph extra...weird...but nice :)

    don't push beyond the limits of any machine...especially a 1 wheeled one....or at least keep it off road for that...for yourself ;)

  • Only you can stop being a jackass, @Aaron-Broward-FL.

  • !!!TROLL!!!
    You wanna go fast without hurting yourself?
    Watch my Vid :) ---->

  • @tonyrumans pushback does drop off a bit when carving, totally agree.

  • And, after clearly laying out my case in the most logically way possible, if you guys just repeat "name calling" and "policing' I'm going to assume... Hmm Millenials or Just immature kids. Who don't have the capacity to understand what your reading.

    I'm going back to playing in the threads with the adults.
    @tonyrumans you are missing the whole point of the thread... I don't give a crap if everyone wants to ride fast... What I care about is, the thread like this one, and others. Cause new people, to think, pushing through the pushback, is the Normal way to ride.. and doing that will cause you to faceplant. I had this exact conversation with someone in a private chat and had to explain to them no no, don't do that. Learn to ride the board first, listen to the pushback ect ect.

    As it relates to the stupid high speeds, i have never believed them.

    And as I am not a modertor, nor is the forum moderated who is policing you? Why are you millenials so afraid of words... Do you need a safe space here like they do in the colleges now too? Like you can go fast and aren't worried about breaking your bones, but some middled aged fat jackass Calls you a name and you freak out? I don't get it. Grow some hair on your balls and move on.

    And Since I have had to go to the hospital and I'm still in pain from the last time my bored failed. (And didn't turn on after, so I'm going to call that one mechanical failure, sent it back they said it was a component in the battery compartment they replaced) My freaking shoulder has been killing me for 8 weeks, but It failed from going to fast previously could have been the same injury. I will For the last time here, but, will continually mention that pushback is there for a reason at least not he V1. I know not of the 2. Engine failure is real. It has nothing to do with my coordination.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL said in Onewheel+ at speed: a word of caution.:

    I'm going back to playing in the threads with the adults.

    Have fun!

  • "The World's Fastest Indian" comes to mind when I read this thread.

  • @CBR-954rr said in Onewheel+ at speed: a word of caution.:

    @Aaron-Broward-FL said in Onewheel+ at speed: a word of caution.:

    I am not really sure what you dumbasses are trying to do... and I'm just going to continue to call you dumbasses... don't push through the pushback... Or you will end up face planting.

    I have hurt myself semi seriously twice doing this.. If you push through the pushback onthe V1 you will hit engine failure and it will simply Die, causing the board to die and causing your o keep moving forward, sounds like on this version they fixed that and started a slow down verses a shutdown.. Thanks :) guys, hospital bills will go down!...

    But, the pushback is there for a reason, your reaching the limits of the motors.... its not because your mom doesn't want you to not go faster than that...

    Don't be a dumbass, Respect the board...

    Some people get a thrill from pushing the limits. If I didn't do anything where there's a chance of going to the hospital, my life would be very boring.

    @CBR-954rr hence why you also ride a CBR (assuming) Use the CBR for speed by what im hearing about the plus im not gonna be trying to go over 19, I get enough thrill from 20+ mph Ive gotten hurt going fast on pavement, gravel reduces injury severity and for me it gives me more confidence... If you have a CBR 1000rr you could be going 190 according to google, a GSX is better though. Or an R1 (Yamaha YZF-R1, 1000cc) Stick to bikes for speed V1 Is good for speed from what ive rean the plus isnt...

  • @snwbrdwndsrf
    Hi i'am italien rider living in french
    This is my topspeed0_1492086179792_image.jpg

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