Onewheel+ at speed: a word of caution.

  • pushback is not a is a balancing mechanism...
    trying to break the speed record on 1 wheel, will get you hurt...
    do your thing and share the vids ;)

  • @dcosmos I would shoot a video showing me going 25+ on my V1 but I sold it. Perhaps I can borrow one from someone in the PDX area? I have screenshots of the app, but I know those could potentially be doctored. When I get my plus on Friday I plan on seeing how fast I can get it going.

    There's really no trick to it, just find a mild hill with extremely smooth pavement and no cross-traffic concerns. Slowly ease your way up to speed going downhill. Once you get past about 18 you have to start putting more focus into balancing since the motor will no longer be able to do 100% of that for you (which is why some people have issues with nosediving at higher speed). When you want to slow down just lean back really slowly and bleed off speed. The reason this works is that while the Onewheel's motor alone is not capable of exceeding something like 18 mph you can use gravity to carry you way past that point and let the Onewheel just help with the balance. The first day I tried that I got up to around 23mph and the second day I got to 26.4mph (which is my top speed). I could probably go higher but I'd need to find a longer stretch of road, and there isn't much point since at the time the leaderboard was rejecting speeds that high (FM said they are working on fixing this).

    No conspiracy. Try it yourself at your own risk.

  • @timvdp See my reply about getting to high speeds. You don't actually need to "push through" the pushback. All top speeds people are getting with Onewheels are going downhill, where all you do is keep the board level and you'll speed up.

  • @trappar said in Onewheel+ at speed: a word of caution.:

    @timvdp See my reply about getting to high speeds. You don't actually need to "push through" the pushback. All top speeds people are getting with Onewheels are going downhill, where all you do is keep the board level and you'll speed up.

    I'm not brave enough anymore...comes with age&injury!...;);)

  • @timvdp No worries about that! You're doing what's smart for you. I'm just trying to explain how it can be done with some degree of safety. I think there's a lot of misconceptions in here about how exactly people are getting these high speeds...

  • That's why I said flat ground in my post. Hills are a way to cheat it.

  • @mysticasphalt Hey, Mysitca Newb assmonger.... talk to me when you have been here for like more than an hour ok.... do you even have a one wheel? Or are you waiting for your plus to arrive.... I'm looking out for the group. Enjoy eating asphalt and your subsequent trip to the ER.

    No f-in respect for the people that paved the way and learned the hard way how NOT to use your onewheel...

  • @trappar Finally, an explanation I can believe. I have a smooth hill nearby, unfortunately just past a radar sign, but I did find hitting 18 was very easy. Once I'm ridiculously outfitted with safety gear, I'll test the limit of my V1 this summer. Until I experience it myself, 25mph is like a ghost story. I'd like to believe it's true but I can't find conclusive proof.

  • then this video is authentic enough?

  • I just try to share my experience
    there is no money to be won
    It serves no doubt

  • @tony-at-83 Don't you have a friend or family member who can shoot a video (preferably horizontal) of you actually riding that fast? Those speeds can be faked on the app by propping one end of the board on a chair, putting your hand on the sensors, and slowly lifting the other end of the board until the wheel is spinning 50mph. So watching a vertical video of you using your iPhone doesn't cut it, we want to see you actually riding that fast.

    [EDIT] Even those of us who believe you would like to see it on video.

  • nice idea but what ever tried let me know if you can ...
    I did not know well the application but next time launch myride to record the path and speed 👍🏻

  • Don't bother trying to prove speeds to people just enjoy it for yourself or the leaderboard! ;)
    Stay safe
    have A GREAT WEEKEND PEOPLE!!!!!:):):)

  • @timvdp only reason people want proof is that there have been people that come on here and not in this post but others that brag about how fast they can go and they are on top of the leaderboards and when asked for proof they disappear. That is all anyone has asked to see for over a year now and no one has done it yet.

  • Wow, Onewheel+ verbal carnage thread. I will just say this, let's enjoy our boards and also that we are part of a small part of society who will even attempt to make it part of their lifestyle. Reel it in guys, we are a tribe.

    No weighted board on a treadmill here, I just ride a lot... Ride on, One life, One way, Onewheel...

  • @ahxe45 it's like anything else. The more effort someone's expending to convince us how fast they are, the less it's true. Anyone who's truly an advanced rider a) knows OW'ing isn't about super max speeds (which can only be safely maintained for brief spurts), b) is out riding and letting their riding speak for itself; and c) isn't on this forum telling us how fast they are. This community is open to all, and in my opinion being authentic is the best way to participate. There's a leader board for those who want to track top speed, top mileage, etc., plus we all know top speeds can be gamed. I know 2 riders in particular who are super fast, faster than me even on my own boards, and I'm no slow poke. None of us are on this forum telling war stories, in fact the better the rider, the more humble they typically are.

  • @Earthpilot @groovyruvy I couldn't agree with both of you more. I know from my experience that I can cruise comfortably around 17-18mph once I get on the higher end of 18mph it no longer is fun for me because I am constantly waiting to eat it. I used to try and see how far I could push the board and that is when I hit the 23mph and like you said it was for a short burst of maybe 2-3 seconds and it was really not that fun haha. I rarely ride on the street anymore and when I do I don't usually go above 15mph because I carve a lot.

  • @ahxe45 I carve a lot too and what you just said is so true.

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