Onewheel+ at speed: a word of caution.

  • @Earthpilot said in Onewheel+ at speed: a word of caution.:

    Wow, Onewheel+ verbal carnage thread.

    So true!
    They're killing mE :) :) :)
    That is da "french touch" lOl
    P.S: Everybody knows that I'am the faster!

  • @fabuz said in Onewheel+ at speed: a word of caution.:

    @Earthpilot said in Onewheel+ at speed: a word of caution.:

    Wow, Onewheel+ verbal carnage thread.

    So true!
    They're killing mE :) :) :)
    That is da "french touch" lOl
    P.S: Everybody knows that I'am the faster!

    Oh no!!
    Don't mention anything about speed or wanting to go fast, captain save a bro my be lurking, lol!!

  • @fabuz Lol, Mais Oui! J'ai aimé Paris. I am using the translator for this even though I took several years of French. I think my hot teachers distracted me ;)

  • Looking more and more like FM wants to limit the OW+ to 23.25 MPH!


  • Yeahhhh... and they are doing it in a really stupid way. I got mine yesterday and gave it a try. I now see what other people are talking about with the pushback profiling. The faster you go the more it leans you back, which makes you increasingly unstable at higher speeds because you're compensating for a more awkward stance. It also means you can't slow down as quickly since the tail of the board is closer to the ground.

    I tried a couple times to get above 23, and every time I got crazy speed wobbles due to the super awkward body position.

  • I found I can go faster on gravel, probably because it gives me more confidence... Ive fallen at 17+ on asphalt and 2 months later I still have a big ol scrape and ive fallen probably 20+ on gravel and gotten a few bumps and bruises but i feel like gravel helps me go faster and stay stable.. It also helps when your tring to race somebody on a golfcart...

  • 0_1492293502885_Screenshot_2017-04-15-17-45-48.png

    Anybody else encounter this where I hit 22.7 mph and I am not showing on the leaderboard? I have been trying to get past 23mph since the conversation the other day on this thread. Still havent done it/ don't think I will but I was just curious if anyone else ever had this happen. I am on an android device by the way if that makes a difference because the updated app is not technically out for android yet. Another thing to note that I thought was interesting was I have had a board for over a year and just picked this one up the other day and the new one seems a little bit quicker and able to cruise around 19-20mph and my older board I can only cruise around 17-18 mph comfortably.

  • @trappar if you got your plus on Friday then you've probably discovered that it's not as easy as finding a hill. A more powerful motor means it can push back pretty hard, even downhill. Am I right? I skimmed too​ quickly and missed that you'd already answered my question. Sorry about that.

  • @ahxe45 yep, leaderboard top speed is capped at 22.24 MPH for the OG Onewheel.

  • I think Future Motion should not limit the leader board because doing so makes everyone striving for top speeds try harder to try and crack this issue and we are going to have an "I tried to push past 22.7 mph on the app and ended up over speeding and now I am off my board while I recover from my injuries thread."

    The boards do what they do. Let people get the speeds they have ridden and I think some injuries will be prevented.

    Go ahead and freeze my mileage or reset my board and I won't be happy either.

    I enjoy riding and recording my mileage.

    Please take the governor off the top speeds.

  • Finally got the plus. The speed was good. The ride was smooth. Pushback was early but I think because of how smooth it is now. Next step learn the limit. My top on v1 was 25.1 on onewheel buddy app Then my battery module went out I sent it in got it fixed once I got it back I could never get my boarding pass 20 and they reset the Leader board And the plus I only got to 20.4. Im 160lbs rider

  • @snwbrdwndsrf so how do they even decide who is ranked #1? it looks like the list is alphabetical but if people are hitting above 22.24 do they default the speed to 22.24 or do you have to hit that exact speed to make it on the list? Since I posted that screenshot I have hit over 22.24 a couple of times and still nothing even after resetting my top speed. I know you probably don't know the answer but just putting it out there in case anyone does.

  • @ahxe45 looks alphabetical to me too.

  • 0_1493723641666_image.png Sorry that the application is blocked !!!

  • @tony-at-83 yep, it's sad. Nice top speed!

  • Thank you😉👍

  • I fell " I didn't realize it wasn't safe until afterwards
    ![alt text]([image url](link url0_1546448870462_received_10215096187100963.jpeg ))

    Smashed my phone head leg arse knees ankles hands back

    Ripped my shoes t shirt hat shorts

  • Has anyone beat this speed ????

  • @carl not a good idea to try if you ask me. He already said it was too late by the time he saw his speed.

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