Flip it over for solar charging

  • Have the bottom side of the footpads double as solar panels so that you can charge the onewheel by turning it upside down.

  • That is a great idea although I do not think that there's enough surface area to produce the right amount of power.

  • @mpcref Doing a really rough and fast estimate.
    Say that each pad is one square foot (my foot almost fit on it, so it can't be that wrong can it?) and a sq.foot och panel gives you about 10w. Then guesstimating 30 minutes to charge the board with 200 W (probably needs more), then that would be 5 hours to charge it at maximum sunlight.
    5 hours is probably way optimistic, I need to do more research.

    Ok, so did a quick measurement, and the maximum surface you could use under the board in total would be about 0,76 ft². Now we are looking at a charge at about 130mA, compared to the charger 3.5A, so over 13 hours for a charge.
    If we then make room for the handle, and add some kind of border for protection, so that it doesn't cover the aluminium frame, we're closer to 20 hours.

    This isn't very accurate, but I think that @ckosick15 has the right idea.

  • That being said, I really always liked the idea of putting solar panels pretty much everywhere.
    But price and and size is kind of an issue.
    Provided that the electronics would fit, and the OW gets changed into another version further down the road. There could possibly be a fold-able solar panel tucked away somewhere.
    I mean this highly theoretically, because it would make the whole thing cost a lot more, and probably not be of that much use to most people. Compared to say a "swap-able battery solution".

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