OW+ Pushback at 15 in mode 6?

  • @CBR-954rr Yep! I love Brookhaven park. I ride my Evolves over there with my dog quite a bit. I could do tomorrow afternoon. I send you a chat.

  • If you're nosediving at 15mph you might have your center of gravity too far forward, if that's the case, the solution is to control speed with your legs rather than leaning with your body, keep your body centered and your knees loose.

  • and sensor in front!? ;)

  • @No said in OW+ Pushback at 15 in mode 6?:

    If you're nosediving at 15mph you might have your center of gravity too far forward,

    That's what it sounded like to me as well. Gradually tilting the deck more and more, at a certain point, will result in balance failure.

  • So what speed is the initial push-back supposed to kick in on the plus? I manually set the mode to mission and it pushes back at 15 mph every time. If this is typical and I just have to push through it, I'm fine with that, I just don't want to eat shit if there's something wrong with my board. In contrast, I got my V1 up to 20 mph the very first time I rode it.

  • When I go to attempt 17mph on the v1 and try to look at my phone to check for "The supposed exact real time bluetooth communicated speed" I usually crash....LOL
    But for your plus...it should be a higher speed then 15mph in mission before you crash I think!?

  • Just received my Onewheel + today and I was noticing a pushback around 12.5 - 14 mph. I understand that when you get the boards, it is normally default in the beginner mode however trying to adjust my mode to extreme on the Onewheel app, doesn't seem to working or picking up any choices. With this said I am not going to try to push the speed because that's exactly how my original Onewheel got wrecked up a good bit and ill just wait until the new updated version app comes out on android. Pros though is the Onewheel + is way more progressive in turns and just the dead silent of it is fantastic!

  • @No Perhaps my stance is too wide. I have adjusted my stance to be slightly narrower. Also I will try to focus on pushing out with my front leg vs leaning my whole body. (I don't think I did this, but maybe.) I just feel like in general the front is riding too low and I have never felt push back. I plan on meeting up with @CBR-954rr tonight and so we will get a definitive answer on my board at least.

  • Ever get this figured out? I was riding fine with no pushback at 15 for my 1st few days (on Mission) now I am getting tons of pushback and it is telling me I am going 20+. (I am not and have tested with a separate app.)

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