Hydrophobic Treatment? 🌬🌊

  • In light of slydogstroh's recent tragedy- submerged v1- an idea 💡 sprung upon me.
    Can the onewheel be treated with hydrophobic spray? If phones can be disassembled and treated to water proof them, couldn't we do the same to the onewheel? Secondly, would the warranty then be void?


    **wish slydogstroh a happy birthday today! Maybe FM will bestow upon him a v2. With the follower base he has, it would be mutually beneficial.

  • Ayyy thank you very much for the kind words. Future Motion has been great to me in the past about service and I'm sure this time will be no different.
    As for the Hydrophobic stuff... for the most part the board doesn't need it!!! I've been out in crazy rain storms with no issues. This time it was submerged in water for probably 15 seconds... :/ Nothing a new battery can't fix! I just hope the motor is ok.... We'll see.

  • @slydogstroh Oh no your V1 is dead? Really hope you get your OW+ soon!

    I've noticed in the OW+ warranty that they seem to have added "water damage" as a non-covered item.

    I am planning on riding in the rain year-round so I'm interested in what people have to say about this and strategies people have used.

    So far the best mod I have seen is from @njcustom with his silicone sheet cover for the power button. Genius!

  • @SeattleCommuter I had a spill on a trail in Lincoln Park and the board's wheel kept spinning. Went right in to the pond! The day before my Birthday no less!
    I'm going to have it fixed, regardless. I need 2 OW's for the summer! :p
    But yea let's talk waterproof strategies. From my experience here where the board was submerged, the lights and electronics still work just fine when plugged in. The app shows the tilt angle and everything. I'm assuming the motor is fine too since it's in the hub. It's just the battery that couldn't handle being submerged. I wonder if there is a way to install a plastic coating under the rear footpad and how much of the damage came from the electronics in the rail of the board.

  • @slydogstroh

    Oh no!!!

    How you holdin up with all these withdrawal symptoms?

  • I had a peek inside the case.
    Yes I broke the "Void Warranty Seal", for reasons .

    Anyway if you want it waterproof you might want another case . The original battery box has many possible water entry areas.

    1. Led light lense. Not a good seal.
    2. Wire bezel. Not so obvious.
    3. Top metal plate. Has foam gasket but not too tight.
    4. Gore vent. May not leak there but this vent is important as you need the battery to vent when it gets hot.

    You could reinforce the seals on those areas but may probably look kooky.

    The best way to see if it is waterproof is to remove electronics and dunk it in water and see if bubbles occur.

  • Back when I was a youngster I had a friend into remote control cars. We would waterproof components by putting them in a tough balloon and then using zip ties to seal the open end. If you are ok with taking some of your OneWheel apart to that level, you might find some success. Now it looks like some are using Plasti-Dip, EPOXY, NeverWet, CorrosionX, Silicone Sealant - so lots of options:


  • Yes I used to waterproof ESCs and servos with plastidip or corrosionX. I found the latter to be super effective; I'm wondering if you could fill the battery compartment with it and pour it out to achieve the waterproof coating it creates. With car LiPos though the batteries were never an issue so I don't know how this would affect the OW battery.

  • @sonny123 And others..... Just wanted to update you guys, my board actually survived the plunge into the pond!!!! I let it dry out a few days and the next thing I knew it worked! Took about 48hours to work when I hit the "on" button.
    I rode the board all weekend and there has been ZERO difference in the performance of the board. Pretty freaking amazing if you ask me!!! Super Water Resistant is right!!! <3

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