Another + review

  • No brainer purchase if you're a onewheel fan and can afford it. Buy it.


    1. Quiet. A whisper in comparison to the V1
    2. Faster. Yeah, much smoother acceleration curve and going up to 21 is effortless.
    3. Torque. yes, it is better on hills and dips less/lags less when it needs power
    4. Smooth. All of the above make it a smoother ride.
    5. Footpads are truly improved. In every way, but mostly that I can have a comfortable stance without accidentally killing the motor and thus myself.

    Why not:

    1. More money
    2. Less range. at least 10% less for same PSI, but it depends how your ride, I'm sure (faster average speed = less distance).
    3. Sketchier on the edges. not sure why but riding it on the edges is more wobbly, I feel my feet have less leverage and control in tight turns. It might have to do with the new shaping. Want to revisit this with Delerium.


    A+ work here FM

  • These reviews are making me sick...

  • simple yet nice

  • @aris is your v1 tire rounded on the edges? Mine is and I think it improves carving.

  • @snwbrdwndsrf yeah, but you know what I think is the issue? It's all the shaping. When I switch to sequoia the looser controls offer way more flexibility and heel toe control on the board, but when I switch to mission it tightens up so you lose that. The former is great at low speeds and the latter is great at high speeds. I want to see a mode where it handles like sequoia at low speeds and ramps firmness to mission at higher speeds. That's the dream ride in all conditions for me.

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