Short review of onewheel plus

  • Here is a short review. I was very apprehensive about buying a plus since I already own two boards, and have layed down 3k miles on them. I have to say though I'm glad I bit the bullet and got the plus. The plus is so worth it!!!!! It's equivalent to riding a cheap Walmart BMX bike and then upgrading to a carbon fiber mountain bike. I'm not trying to dis on version one because it's a great product, but it's a huge difference. It's hard to explain exactly how much smoother the ride is. I can tell you that after riding the trails around my house hundreds of times on the 1st version, and now on the second, I can tell a tremendous difference between the two. The plus races up hills that version one struggled to maintain 12 mph, and the winding sidewalks I always wanted to go just a bit faster to feel like I was able to lean into the winding corners are now a carving leaning reality with absolute comfort and control. The stability at higher speeds is astronomically better. It truly feels like you're floating with absolute confidence. I can't wait until we all have them!

    PS I was able to get an extra mile out of the plus vs version 1.

  • Nice review although you lost me a bit on the bmx bike analogy... lol... old race bikes are kinda my thing... Original paint and stickers PK!

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