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    I was riding my onewheel on the street that vehicles travel on through a shopping center in Uptown Houston last week and a rent-a-cop on a Segway chased me down to tell me I couldn't ride "that thing" through here. I said "says who?" He said that they just put signs up banning bicycles and skateboards from the entire shopping center and starting pointing towards a direction where the signs were at. I continued on through and around the entire shopping center and didnt see any signs. After that I was certain he was full of B.S. because a bicycle ban sounded really odd to me but it was uptown houston where lots of rich people go to shop and get drunk so who knows. I continued to Onewheel all around that area with no other issues and even past by other rent a cops whom didnt care to even bother.

    Soooooo..... a rent a cop, told you, you can't ride your electric vehicle, while he was on his electric vehicle chasing you down??? hmmmmm......

  • While first starting I was practicing riding goofy in a field in town. Cops use this spot for speeding traps (30mph speed limit) on adjacent road.
    I must have been riding for about 20 minutes when this cop finally got out of his car and came over and ask "Can I try that thing?"
    So I let him and now they just wave when I go by👍.

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I am not sure if I posted this link in the OW forums or not, but here is the link to the American Disability Act law that states that someone with a disability has the right to pick whatever "Power-Driven Mobility Device" best suits their needs. OW definitely falls under this law which basically means that a OW is the same as a wheelchair if you have a disability.

  • @goodblake-eskate now I just need to read up on disabilities that would not be easily identifiable that would also still allow me to rip around on my OW.

  • @CBR-954rr haha I already have mine down. You figure yours out and we will go rip around Lenox or Phipps (inside that is)! :P

  • @CBR-954rr I'm a type one diabetic and I use it for this purpose. If I'm in Florida and try walking 5-6 miles I'll burn a lot of sugar and go into a coma possibly so I use the one wheel to get around easier. I'm on an insulin pump so I show them that if they question.

  • Had another fun cat and mouse situation tonight with a state parks officer while carvin it up on freshly repaved and totally dry asphalt at Seacliff beach. So fun to act like you don't see them while they speed up on you only to turn and ride off through the pedestrian gate at the last second. I'm tempted to stop and discuss the risks involved in speeding through a beach parking lot in a huge pickup only to pursue a harmless padded Onewheeler doing a little carving and not endangering anyone. If they end up catching up with me I guess I will suggest they get themselves OW's.

  • @goodblake-eskate
    Ohh, good catch, I'll have to print that out, that will irk the shit out of people. I just hate being discriminated against based on ignorance. Maybe I'm disabled (which i am) maybe I'm not. But, you have no idea what the hell this thing is I'm riding and you just start freaking out - coming at me. You have no idea how much skill and control I have over it in small spaces...
    and while I respect you have a job to keep your area safe for your customers... Let's just start by having a calm conversation and not with the assumption I'm Kelly from Bad News Bears 1 (front the 70's) driving my motorcycle in the mall...

    There is a call back reference for ya.... eat that millenials :)

  • @Aaron-Broward-FL I agree about trying to have a conversation with this rent-a-cops. I try to be as nice, calm, polite, and cooperative as I am able, but without fail the rent-a-cops get very defensive and argumentative. The only time one ended somewhat positively was when the real cop came over and defended me.

  • @dcosmos not sure if I can soon... iPhone 6s fell out of pocket shattered... of course and now it is not turning on completley toast said the apple support guy. Now I just have to rely on my senses to figure out when i need to turn back when im on the onewheel, I found a new path today that I feeel like I can regularly hit high speeds, felt like 24-26 or faster, once I get a replacenemt phone I will try and get a video, this is coming soon keep a lookout!

  • Yep, just got stopped by the police myself.
    Thought some type of an issue,
    only to learn cop was so excited to learn about this thing.
    Answered all his question and told him where I am so he can swing by and test it.

  • @sonny123 Makin' friends wit Da Man!

  • Stopped by police again yesterday, me and @PowerWheel5000
    He wanted to know all about it.
    Offered him a ride. He said he can't in uniform.


  • This past weekend was the music festival in my town so they closed the main road to cars. People were walking around and of course several police were out in groups to make sure we were all safe. I cruised next to them walking (at walking speed). They could see I was not doing stupid stuff and I could easily skirt around people very, very slowly. I got a thumbs up for not being a jerk and I certainly hope other OneWheelers do the same. if we start getting a bad reputation for being wreck-less it will hurt us all. So far I am so loving this thing!!!

  • Had a cop drive up next to me, slow down, and stare yesterday. That's my only real encounter so far... like @sonny123 said, he seemed more interested in the board than anything else.

    Possibly the same cop I was driving towards up a one way (the wrong way) a few weeks ago....

  • I was just stopped by two cops on Friday night. I'm a college student and I was sure I was getting stopped for a lack of helmet or something since i was riding through the hilly frat house area. They just wanted to ask a bunch of questions. Was SO worried though. Cops are pretty chill about it.

  • @thegreck
    Two nights back, I also got stopped by a few officers. I was riding along the awesome bonneville trail in Salt Lake City around 10:30 pm. We ended up chatting for like 15 minutes and they were both just interested in how it worked, and they complimented me on wearing a helmet and high visibility vest.
    I love the police, but if I had been on my skateboard I doubt it would have been such a positive experience.

  • @autahman Agreed. And I also get compliments on wearing a helmet by cops. And the EMTs on my last ambulance ride.

  • I just got stopped by state park rangers in Nashville, TN. There are no skateboards allowed in the park, and they were concerned about what to tell skateboarders when they point at me and say 'why are you letting him ride?'

    It's very unfortunate, as I only pass through 1 block of this park on my commute (the park is only one block wide, but many blocks long). Being blocked out of the park means about a mile detour up and down a giant battery hungry hill :(

    I've been looking up a lot of laws/regulations trying to figure out what Tennessee defines as a 'skateboard' and what classifies as a low speed vehicle/electric personal assistive mobility device (EPAMD). If the onewheel had two wheels (lol) it would be classified as an EPAMD and would not be subject to any restrictions that would not apply to bicycles (bikes are allowed in the park).
    In a nearby city, a skateboard is defined as 'a board of any material, which has wheels attached to it and which, if propelled or moved by human, gravitational, or mechanical power, and to which there is not fixed any device or mechanism to turn or control the wheels.'
    By this definition, 'wheels' disqualifies the onewheel, as does the last statement (I think) where it says there is NOT any device or mechanism to turn or control the wheels (which, the OneWheel has, correct? A mechanism to control the wheel?)

    California has the most elaborate alternate transportation laws - has anyone figured out what the OneWheel is classified as there? Is it regarded as a skateboard?

  • This won't clarify the law in California, but Washington has this Note in the definition:

    Finding—2015 c 145: "The legislature finds that at least two companies in Washington have developed a one-wheeled device for people to use to travel from place to place. These devices are unregulated and can travel wherever and however they like. By adding these devices to the definition of an electric personal assistive mobility device, they become regulated and local communities can determine locations that are appropriate for their use." [ 2015 c 145 § 1.]

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